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We want war not peace in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

There are no winners amongst participants in a war. Only beneficiaries are financiers of the war, arms manufacturers and suppliers, and vultures of various kinds.

All conflicts must end one day and that begins with some sort of dialogue for achieving peace. Unfortunately since the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, every peace proposal has been secretly sabotaged by the American led West because they want the conflict not only to continue but escalate.

The latest peace proposal put forward by China in March 2023 itself, has been dismissed outright by America even before it had been received, preempting Ukraine from even considering the proposal. A compromised Ukrainian leadership tragically have no real say in in seeking peace.

What are the emerging consequences?

Ukraine the country continues to get wrecked losing large portion of its vital infrastructure, destruction of its military even after 6 rounds of mobilisation and massive equipment supplies by the Collective West. Ukraine has gotten depopulated of its most valuable industrial, intellectual and business talent, which cannot or do no not intend to return home.

Inspite of America pursuing unipolarity and global hegemony for a very long time, it was seen and accepted by most nations as a positive and essential stabilising force in the world order. America is now not only being perceived as but also openly criticised by a majority of the nations as a warmonger, a destabilising and destructive force in the world.

Europe and the UK are witnessing widespread civil strife as living standards plunge, militaries depleted and massive deindustrialisation and accompanying unemployment and loss of national earnings.

The Collective West comprising mainly America, Europe and UK having lost their halo are increasingly twisting and brazenly corrupting global institutions like the United Nations, International Criminal Court, G20 to take up and implement unjustifiable and indefensible actions. As a result losing respect and prestige hence the support of the rest of the world, working towards a new multipolar world order.

The collective West likes to believe they are good democracies. In a sense they are but they are dysfunctional ones. For the governments and the administrations do not reflect popular will of the people but rather certain business interests. Opposition political parties are only in name and thus they can blatantly ignore the opinion of their electorate or use the main stream media and technology platforms to suppress opposing opinions. As a result they are corroding as societies, civilisations, and as economic, political and military powers.

Russia gains handsomely from increased revenues, and a robust economy. It is now independent from Western shackles on its financial, political and economic systems. In league with China, Russia is providing a stiff, effective and permanent challenge to the American led West and existing 'rules based world order' which they have established to rule the world.

Numerous countries being led by a non aligned India, are grasping opportunities to grow and enhance their political, military and economic clout.

War is always bad, but distancing people and powers that cause and fuel war from the arena of conflict makes terrible and gruesome wars seem academic and even sterile.

Each country and individual in due time will reap the harvest of the seeds that they have sown.


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