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What is the right dose of religion?

Updated: Mar 28

Everything in nature is good in moderation. Anything in excess, makes it toxic and eventually destroys what birthed and sustained it. Empires, ideologies, and religions are the most prominent examples.

Paracelsus, (1493 - 1541) is credited as the founder of toxicology and chemotherapy. His premise of poisons was that “All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.

Simply stated, “The dose makes the poison"

Why have the Turks once home to the Islamic Caliphate tried to moderate religion?

There is Islam and there is Islam. Turkish Islam tends to be more modern than Arabic Islam allowing Turkey to maintain traditionality whilst embracing modernity. Turkey a grand and powerful country with an old and deep civilisation has been able to remain relevant as a global powerhouse.

Muslims of the Indian sub-continent, converted by mass conversions at the tip of the sword are still trying to figure out where and to what they belong.

Before the advent of Islam, there were excesses committed by other religions openly violent Christianity, corruption of Hinduism and Buddhism etc. making them vulnerable to invasive forces and influence.

Now the pendulum of power is swinging away from radical Islam as leaders like those of the Gulf Arab States seek to moderate Islam to preserve Islam's relevance. Then there is the recent rise of Hinduism long repressed by post-independence Indian leaders and hounded by the Communist and the Global Left. Temples and Churches are now mushrooming across the world in former hardcore Communist countries like Russia and China. Even Arab Gulf States are embracing non-Muslims.

India is home to the six major religions of the world. The danger is that if Indian political and religious leadership fail to temper their dosage of various religions in pursuit of narrow political gains and power, they might seriously harm the wonderful and unique place in the world called India increasingly known as Bharat.

So far, despite numerous adverse incidents, the signs of restoring genuine Pluralism both in India and across the world are encouraging.

All birth is traumatic and rebirth even more so.


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