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Who are we attracted to?

Updated: Apr 16

Fatal Attraction', remember the term?

The question is, 'Why does attraction always end up causing us pain?'

In reality, not all attraction causes suffering, and here is why.

Attraction often called 'love' has commonly come to mean only physical and sexual attraction. This serves only the animal nature of our biology.

However, unlike other animals who merely exist in two dimensions, the physical and the emotional, we humans, possess the ability to also exist in intellectual and spiritual dimensions.

We come alone, pair with people for different purposes and then alone we leave this world. Our relationships with others define how we live. Humans are social creatures, we need to interact with other people.

It is generally believed that opposites attract and likes repel. This is only partially true, for only in the physical and material world do opposites attract. In matters emotional and spiritual it is likes that attract one another.

Physical attraction is the least enduring for the physical changes rapidly. It is followed by material attraction which tends to be stronger than physical attraction. Therefore these attractions generally tend to be short-lived.

On the other hand emotional attraction based on similarities in mind and heart tend to be more enduring.

However the most enduring is the attraction and the love between two souls.

This is the wonder of friendship and soulmates.


I love my friends neither for their wealth nor their position,

for wealth and power come and go.

I love my friends neither with my heart nor my mind,

just in case, my heart might stop, and my mind may forget.

I love them with my soul, for the soul never stops nor does it forget.

Fortunate are those who have friends and soulmates, for they are the awakened parts of that same universal soul that we know as God.


Ref: G0676

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