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Who wants to live without you?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Marriage and partnerships present us with some of the most challenging social tests we humans have to encounter.

Individuals are thrown together and expected to exist and live united and in complete harmony. This is an impossibility as we are human and differences in thoughts and actions are bound to occur.

Taking the liberty of paraphrasing what the great musician Mozart remarked, "The power and beauty of the music comes not from the notes themselves but from the gaps between the notes". Similarly the harmony in our relationships comes not from our actions but in our providing space to the partner whilst appreciating and accepting their individual nature.

Relationships are as difficult as we make them, and from our approach stems our happiness and peace of mind. Failure to appreciate will inevitably result in feelings of rejection, intolerance, disdain, hatred and worse indifference for the other. On the other hand accepting and appreciating the other in a relationship/partnership will generate friendship, desire, bonding and joy and peace of mind.

Permit me to share a personal experience.

Some time ago, at her request I assisted my wife Mohini in opening a tightly sealed jar, in a jiffy for her.

Then with a flourish, I handed it back to her saying, "What will you do without me?"

She replied, "Who wants to live without you?"

I received affirmation from her that day, that,

'Happiness comes from appreciating and wanting what you have got.'


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