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Why America cannot militarily intervene in Ukraine.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

The USA is protected by two vast oceans to its East and West, with weak vassals, to its North and South. It is an island fortress that is virtually immune to external aggression.

It begs the question, 'why then does America annually spend a trillion dollars on defence?'

The reason is it is not for defence but for offence. To maintain American hegemony which increases the power and wealth of only a minuscule 1% of American population.

Fear is constantly manufactured and disseminated by politicians and the media to obtain American public support. This blind and irrational support is self defeating draining a third of America's annual budget to the business of offensive war at the expense of everything else.

The top 1% grows rich at the expense of the remaining 99% by forcing the American state to seek global hegemony by continuous meddling and military interventions ( 251 in just last 3 decades) in other countries, only intervening after developing overwhelming preparation.

American power has always rested on two pillars, one the military and the other Capitalism. At first it was Industrial Capitalism but now it rests mainly on Financial Capitalism.

To be able to intervene militarily anywhere in the world, America has a network of 800 overseas military bases spread across 150 countries manned by approx. 200,000 military personnel, encircling the globe. America is primarily an offensive naval power with its fleet of 11 super aircraft carrier groups supported by 13,270 aircraft etc. that enables America to project its military power and maintain its hegemony.

Since the end of World War II America has attacked only resource rich, first made politically, economically and militarily weak countries. This has made America lazy, and arrogant and completely unprepared for taking on for the first time a nuclear power military peer, Russia.

America is now indirectly engaged with Russia through her European allies in Ukraine.

Russia having spent more than 15 years preparing for this conflict has reemerged as a great land power.

The sanctions and proxy military war against Russia has boomeranged on the Collective West, proving disastrous for Europe and America. Russia is now on the verge of extinguishing Ukraine, as an independent country, and the Collective West can only wring its hands and indulge in very loud sabre rattling. Some American politicians are demanding a direct military intervention by NATO in Ukraine.

This article attempts to explain why, in spite of the carefully crafted image of America by Hollywood as an unrivalled military super power, America and NATO cannot afford to militarily intervene in Ukraine. Some of the main reasons are,

  1. Technology gap.

  2. Weak industrial capacity.

  3. Depleted arsenal and munition stocks.

  4. Financial constraints

  5. Adverse domestic political blowback.

  6. Wokeism in NATO forces.

Technology gap. The unmatched superiority of new Russian weapons over American ones.

Here are some examples of new Russian Weapon Systems that America has no answer or capabilities to offset as on date.

  1. Sarmat - Nuclear powered ICBM

  2. Kinzhal - Aircraft launched hypersonic missile

  3. Avangard - hypersonic glide vehicle, Sarmat launched

  4. Poseidon - Nuclear powered water drone

  5. Burevestnik - Nuclear powered cruise missile

  6. Peresvet - Combat laser

The situation can be summed up by the report of General John Hyten Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command to the U.S. Senate Committee.

"America does not have any defence that could deny the employment of such Russian weapons against it."

Whilst America and Europe have concentrated on offensive weapons as part of their hegemonic strategy, the Russians have traditionally concentrated on defensive systems and hence has the most effective air defence missile systems like the S-400 and S-500, which makes American offensives mostly ineffective.

In a reversal of status and roles in past 3 decades, American military industrial complex has become inefficient and corrupt whereas the Russians that had faced extinction have grown into a powerful highly sophisticated, effective military power. This is witnessed in the development and deployment of wide range of highly cost effective weapon platforms such as 5th generation stealth fighters, nuclear submarines, littoral ships, helicopters, etc. With only a 10th of America's military budget, Russia's military packs a massively effective and bigger bang for the buck.

Take for example the so called American 5th generation stealth F-35 fighter, is a super expensive and dreadful failure that cannot even match the 40 year old F-16 fighter it was supposed to replace.

Consider another example, the Russians have developed unmatched ground based plasma based technology which can temporarily or permanently blind low orbit satellites which makes war all but impossible to execute. This is the reason why Elon Musk's vital 'Star Link' satellite system over Ukraine became inoperative and ineffective.

One cannot even imagine what will happen if Russia were to deploy this technology against American and European space assets. War against Russia would become an impossibility.

As America has shifted to Industrial capitalism it has become de-industrialised. As a result weak industrial capacity of the Collective West as compared to the massive increase in industrial capacity in Russia, China and elsewhere.

A report by Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) while appreciating the technology strengths of America, laments the lack of industrial capacity in the Collective West to produce arms and ammunitions to sustain a conflict with a peer opponent for a period of more than a fortnight or at most a month before running out of stocks and unable to replace them for years. A situation made worse by America and the West shipping even its emergency and war stocks to sustain the conflict in Ukraine.

Now supplies of arms and ammunition to Ukraine from the West are dwindling as there are no stocks left to supply Ukraine nor to support NATO forces themselves.

The Collective West has in 9 months financed and supported Ukraine with an amount that exceeds Ukraine's annual GDP of US$ 150 billion, to ensure the functioning of the government, pay the salaries and all expenses of the war effort excluding the gigantic cost of weaponry the West has supplied. It is now clear that the Collective West and their parliaments and people are unable to nor willing to divert much more of funds for a senseless war particularly when there is pressing need at home for funds.

Protests are breaking out all over Europe, as unemployed, hungry, cold people greatly impoverished, demand that their governments abandon NATO and withdraw from their aggression against Russia. The result is a series of regime changes in the Collective West more concerned with the welfare of their people rather than that of the war mongering 'Globalists'. The Anglo Saxon conspiracy to destroy the Nord Stream pipelines have only added to the anger and resentment against America and European governments.

An army's job is to fight, to attack and defend, to function at the highest level of individual and collective capacity, efficiency and capability. However political leadership's excessive focus on Wokeism in the Armed forces has resulted in a dramatic fall in standards have dropped sharply and NATO personnel do not seem to possess what it takes to win,

Without matching weapons, without adequate arms and ammunition, without adequate manpower, shortage of industrial capacity and finance, without the support of their populations who are struggling to survive, and a lack of unity amongst NATO members the chances of a NATO intervention in Ukraine appear highly unlikely.

This is why American boasting by people like Obama, that America is the sole superpower with the finest fighting force in the world is a myth. While America has stood still or even regressed, the world has moved forward. This is why America will not send NATO troops to fight Russia in Ukraine.

If America does do the inconceivable, then NATO will face serious consequences that could possibly destroy the Collective West's already damaged economies and reputation finally shoving the Collective West into political and military insignificance in global affairs.

Would the Collective West dare take that risk?


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