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Why it is not possible to be friends with Pakistan

Updated: Mar 29

Many people both in India and Pakistan wish to see the two countries coexist in harmony and prosper. They often tout the slogan, 'Aman ki Asha' (Hope of amity/friendship), but why can this not be achieved?

Why does it seem an impossibility?

It has to do with the Pakistani mindset, a character crafted and poisoned by Pakistani military, political and religious leaders. Every Pakistani child is being brought up with a completely distorted view of themselves, the history of Pakistan, India and the world. A claim to be an exceptional people destined to rule the world with nothing to show for it except an excess of gas.

Here are some glaring lies and fabrications the innocent children are being programmed with as written and being taught by teachers as per Pakistan National curriculum - compulsory studies written by MD Zafar.

"Pakistanis are of Arab descent, the highest and purest of Muslim people."

"Pakistan was created in the 8th century with the start of the Muslim rule of India by the Arab Muhammad bin Kasam, who came and conquered Multan and settled his kingdom there.

In the 11th century."

"During the Arab rule in the 8th century, Pakistan comprised of lower Indus valley, by the 11th century it comprised current-day Pakistan and Afghanistan."

"By the 12th century, Pakistan had expanded to cover all of North India reaching and ruling over Bengal."

"During the rule of the Khiljis Pakistan reached central India and included the Deccan.

In the 15th century, the Mongols adopted Islam and hence Pakistan became secure.

In the 16th century Hindusthan as it was known ceased to exist and all of what is now known as India became Pakistan."

"During the reign of Aurangzeb, the rule of Pakistan reached the peak of its glory.

After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, the local Hindu population started to assert themselves and the Mughal empire began to disintegrate, and this weakened the soul of Pakistan.

In the 18th century, Pakistan's territory was again that which the Ghaznavis ruled in the 11th century."

The truth is the name of Pakistan was first coined in 1940 by Charan Rehmat. Pakistanis are of Indian descent. Pakistan was carved out of India and created artificially by Indian and British leaders in 1947.

It is not only history but almost all disciplines of humanities, science, geography, economics, culture, etc. A lot of what is taught in Pakistan to the young is false and harmful to themselves.

When people are delusional about themselves and others, they become a problem for everyone. That is the situation in Pakistan.

The attitude of Pakistanis cannot be changed. Even if facts were to be accepted it would take at least 3 more generations about 45 to 60 years before the truth will dawn on them. What a tragedy for a people so horribly misled and misused of their choosing.

Like all people from the Indian subcontinent, Pakistanis are instinctively clever but in a cunning way. Couple this trait with toxic thinking and we generally have arrogant, and ignorant people out of sync with everyone else. Pakistan was and remains at odds with all its neighbours and partners.

There are a large number of good Pakistani individuals, but Pakistan the country cannot be friends with anyone.

To court, Pakistan is to court problems. Better to have an intelligent enemy than to have a foolish friend like Pakistan.

Pakistan as it exists is beyond salvage. Until it implodes and collapses the world will simply have to tolerate and cope with this artificial construct called Pakistan.


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