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Why the West wants Ukraine to be destroyed?

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

It is a foregone conclusion, privately acknowledged by the leaders of the Collective West that Ukraine will lose the war. Yet the Western media primed by their governments and leaders persist in the propaganda that Ukraine is winning and Russia is close to collapse. In fact the exact opposite is true.

These governments led by America are also providing just about enough weapons to prolong the war whilst sabotaging all efforts at peace negotiations.

The West wants Russia to take over, occupy and even annex all of Ukraine but only after it has been completely wrecked. The logic is straightforward, bleed and weaken Russia by burdening it by war with costs of attrition and occupation, and subsequent reconstruction of Ukraine.

The plans of the Neocons in the Collective West was to hit Russia with economic sanctions, isolate Russia from the rest off the world politically and economically so no one would support it whilst making Russia expend vast amounts of funds, equipment, and lives so that will impoverish Russia and thus destroy the Russian economy, and society.

Since that plan has boomeranged spectacularly, because the opposite has occurred. Russia has raked in record energy profits, become greatly more self reliant acquired valuable territory and manpower from Ukraine, the West needed to modify their strategy. The West now wants to prolong the war and make it as gruesome and as expensive as possible for Russia during and after the war. The thinking is that when Russia wins the war it will be forced to occupy a devastated Ukraine. Russia will have to bear the huge economic burden for rebuilding Ukraine which will cost an enormous amount estimated at a minimum of US$ 500 billion.

There are certain fears that trouble the Neocons in Washington, 'how to prevent a cold, hungry and rapidly deindustrialising Europe suffering from 'Ukraine fatigue' from seeking peace with Russia?'

To nip these peace initiatives in the bud, the Neocons have taken several steps. They first bombed and sabotaged the Nord Stream pipelines cutting off the majority of vital gas from from Russia to Europe. The supply of energy resources from Russia being Europe's most pressing need. Peace without energy would be of relatively nominal value for the Europeans.

It is strange that within an hour if not minutes of the 9/11 attack the US government was able to identify that it was an attack carried out by the Taliban and Osama bin Laden was behind it. Yet 4 months after the blasts that permanently destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines, the governments of 4 European countries with assistance from America could not determine who was responsible for the blasts. Also Russia the owner of the pipeline was not permitted to join the investigations. Biden had in Feb 2022 publicly promised that the Nord stream pipelines would not exist and by all accounts the finger of guilt points to America. This is an act of terror that condemns millions of Europe to freeze and starve within the next 24 months.

In another incident under the guidance of the West, Ukrainian right wing Nazi soldiers which are a key part of the Ukrainian forces shot Russian POW's in cold blood at point blank range and then proudly broadcast them on all of social media. This was designed to incense the Russian population that there is no chance of the Russian government entering into peace negotiations with Ukraine.

Zelensky the Ukrainian President against advice by his military commanders insists on sending tens of thousands of mostly untrained and unsuitable soldiers to the front where they are horrendously slaughtered by Russian artillery and aerial attacks.

Ukraine currently is losing 10 to 16 soldiers for the loss of every Russian soldier.

Under their directed aim of causing maximum devastation, the Ukrainian leadership compromised and controlled by the West keeps on goading the Russians to react and go on a path of massive destruction (just as America did in Iraq etc.) but the Russians have constantly refused to cause widespread devastation. Rather Russia is responding in a highly restrained manner, knocking out energy nodes and substations to paralyse the effective functioning of Ukrainian infrastructure.

What is the likely outcome of these American and Russian machinations?

Both the West and Russia want to prolong the conflict but for widely differing reasons. It is a war of attrition. America wants to make this a decade long conflict and willing to spend lavishly on this project and European governments are contributing funds they do not have by borrowing at high interest rates.

The war will drag on for at least 5 possible even 10 years. The question is what will be the outcome?

Russia never sought to conquer Ukraine nor destroy it.

It wants to subdue the current Ukrainian regime, enforce security guarantees, demilitarise not only Ukraine but Europe and unmask the hypocrisy of the West and set up a multipolar world.

Russia is gradually advancing to occupy and annex the additional 4 predominantly Russian populated Ukrainian Oblasts of Odessa, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Kharkiv in the east and south. This annexation in addition to the already 4 annexed regions which contribute 75% of Ukraine's current GDP of US$ 150 billion, will soon become an integral part of Russia. With the redevelopment of these 8 oblasts and the minimisation of massive corruption, Russia could see an additional GDP of US$ 300 billion per year of revenue, which will more than adequately compensates for its expenses.

Russia will demilitarise a zone of about 300 kms beyond its annexed territories in Ukraine to prevent Ukrainian forces from shelling and attacking these new territories. This will cover central Ukraine.

Western Ukraine which is under the sway of extreme Nazi ideology will be like an unwanted child. It will become a rump state supported and financed by the Collective West, neutral and with no capability to potentially harm Russia. Since the West is so invested in Ukraine they will have to indefinitely support this rump state.

Ukraine with its 48 million population will lose more than 50% of its population to emigration and annexation. Deprived of its young and talented in large numbers Ukraine except for Kiev will be primarily an agricultural land with a small and most likely unsustainable GDP.

How Ukraine will be partitioned by the war.

Europe will be burdened by waves of refugees which are likely to reach between 12 to 15 million refugees which is unsustainable. Europe will become increasingly feeble socially, economically militarily and politically. Many European countries will be forced to break free from the stranglehold of the EU leading to its disintegration, whilst NATO will shrink from 30 members into just 7 or 8 members comprising USA, Canada, UK, the Baltic states and a couple of other Europeans. This process will of course take time, Europe will cease to be a force of any consequence within a decade.

With a self contained economy America will remain mostly insulated except for an expenditure of about US$ 500 billion to 1 trillion over a decade for the Ukraine conflict, funds which America will simply print. Unfortunately for America the sanctions have given birth to alternate currencies and modes of payment and this will severely challenge the US$ as the world's reserve currency of choice. America will thus not be able to export its inflation and this will bring pressure on American living standards. Politically America will witness tremendous loss of goodwill and political power.

Russia will continue to grow from strength to strength politically and economically.

The war which has pushed up energy prices very high bolstering Russian revenues, while pushing Europe further into recession. Russia is growing increasingly self sufficient by each passing day and this deprives Europe and America of both business and opportunities which they need desperately.

The fastest growing regions in the world are Africa, Middle East and Asia and they are increasingly aligning with BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) rather than with the West. This will bring about a new more equitable, multipolar global order.

Ukraine promises to become another Afghanistan for America and it will cost European and mostly American people about US$ 1 trillion over the next decade.

Because of the war in Ukraine, within next decade America and Europe will be approx. US$ 1 trillion poorer, Russia will continue its rise and be about US$ 3 trillion richer. In addition Europe without adequate energy and food (because of a drop in gas based fertiliser production) will witness significant regression economically, politically and socially.

This is a rare case where all parties find peace to be undesirable. Peace is now a distant dream in Ukraine and the vultures of war are growing in vast numbers, because it seems evil men both as leaders and in corporations have grown too fond of conflict and destruction.

I sometimes wonder if there is a God? If yes then why has he abandoned the people of Ukraine to this horrible plight.


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