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Will Democracy or Mobacracy win?

Emerging crisis?

Will those who deny the results prevail using mobocracy, or will democracy win?

Leaders of most dynastically ruled political parties are caught up in giant cases of corruption, money laundering and straightforward criminal activities. The facts of the allegations have been presented to the courts by investigating agencies, where they are awaiting due judicial process.

These politicians cannot afford to lose the elections. Losing means imprisonment and the end of their political careers. Therefore they are resorting to every possible means to get themselves declared winners, failing which they will at first resort to destabilise Indian society by protests, violent riots, etc.

If riots do not trigger the annulment of the election results then the next step is to prevent the winner from being able to govern. Also, get the winning party internationally discredited so that India becomes a global pariah.

Bharat's strength is its diverse and clever people. They will not permit things to go downhill and will demonstrate to the world the power of genuine democracy at work.

The future promises to be exciting, wait, watch and enjoy.


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