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The Will to Succeed

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

One of the essential qualities of people who succeed spectacularly is their frame of mind.

Failure is not an option for them. They simply refuse to give up. They possess passion and commitment which is both immense and intense.

Take the example of Native American Indian Bright Path -Jim Thorpe, often considered as one of the most versatile American athlete ever.

Jim Thorpe succeeded as the first Native American to win gold medals for his country when he participated in the 1912 Summer Olympics.

Winning itself was an achievement but how he won is the story of legends.

On the morning of his competitions, Thorpe discovered that his shoes had been stolen.  

Not a person to give up, he discovered a pair of shoes and some socks in a garbage dumpster. Not only were the shoes different in colour and model they were also also of different sizes.

One shoe fit him properly, but the other was a size too big, so he had to wear an extra sock on one foot.   This is clearly visible in the photo taken that day after the events. One can see, the strange footwear he wore that day, to win gold medals for the pentathlon and decathlon events.

A powerful and motivating personality. Jim Thorpe did not let a setback overpower him and become a misfortune. He searched relentlessly for anything that would take him swiftly out of his predicament. Eventually he found something. He used and worked with what he had, where he had, to bounce back and win, coming way ahead of others.

As my son [Pavit]( of [Hotfut]( who owns and operates a sports academy, reminds me, winners possess a 'must win' psychology. Meaning the key to winning and succeeding is not money, equipment, facilities, technology, tools, etc. as much as it is the strength and motivation of the human spirit possessed by a passion to succeed and excel.

Its always the quality of people who determine the quality of results.

The good news is that these winning qualities traits across all disciplines, can be identified, developed and enhanced both for ourselves and for others we are responsible for.

With the right focus, guidance and motivation, even ordinary individuals and teams can achieve extraordinary results.

To honour this extraordinary and great man, the American people have named a town after him Jim Thorpe in Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania


Extracted from my seminar 'Achieving Success'

Success is within everyone's grasp. It requires clarity of focus, planning, grit and effective deployment.

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