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Women, not the weaker sex

Acharya Chanakya (B.C.E. 375 -283) was an Indian monk with a profound understanding of life and its myriad dimensions. He has provided the world with many treatises on numerous subjects and within them countless gems of wisdom.

Many of these gems of wisdom, challenge our modern perceptions of life. Modern perceptions are actually impositions on an innocent humanity by intellectual, religious, political that have vested interests.

I came upon this nugget of Chanakya's wisdom.

"In comparison with men, women have,

Double the hunger,

Four times the bashfulness,

Six times the valour, and

Eight times the sexual desire"

If this be true then why is it not so evident. This is because a woman conceals her desires and wants, behind her bashfulness, something which men cannot do.

A woman is normally not aggressive, however when necessity demands it a woman can throw up her fearless nature revealing her valour scorching the object of her fury, as many an adversary has discovered.

As a brother, a father, a husband and a son, as a colleague, friend, and employer I can certify from my experiences that women are definitely not the weaker sex.

Women, without them men are but a fraction of themselves.

For a man may have his will, but a woman has her ways.


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