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You have to look good to even be considered as good

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

To be World Class means to be the amongst the best in one's field of endeavour.

In the professional and material world, appearances are important. Being neat, efficient and organised are key to creating confidence in the eyes of others.

Its quite possible that one can still produce bad products and services from a neat and efficient looking plant, but its doubtful that an disorganised and dirty setup can produce and deliver quality products and services.


From my seminar on 'Becoming and Remaining World Class' Business clients are often spoilt for choice of vendors. If one wishes to be a preferred vendor one has to not only be good, but also look good.

Housekeeping, visual communications, discipline are key to winning trust not only of clients but also vendors and employees.

Guru Wonder conducts a two day program on 'Becoming and Remaining World Class' for leaders.

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Telephone:  +91 957 951 0353


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