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A Manager is not a Delivery Boy

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A manager's job is to manage.

However many people particularly those who rise through the ranks, think to become a manager is the epitome of success. They do not have to really work, but simply show up and lord over minions. This is not good for individual and organisational performance.

But even managers have bosses, and these managers view their main job as transmitting information upwards to bosses and downwards to subordinates with little or no value addition in the organisation's hierarchy. In a sense they are simply delivering information and that too after sitting on it for a while thus making organisations bureaucratic, sluggish and inefficient.

It is only a matter of time, eventually these mere 'delivery persons' will be discovered and removed from these superfluous position. If one is a manager, one should evaluate the nature of their work and if one is a boss then one needs to review the roles, responsibilities and results of managers and take appropriate actions.

Failure to do so will bring harm to the manager, the team and eventually the organisation.


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