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Why do you keep books in the bathroom?

Updated: May 5

Our 9-year-old grandson TeghVir Singh came to spend time with us.

Emerging from the bathroom, he asked me, "Dadu, why do you keep books in the bathroom?"

I replied, "Because I like to read when I sit on the pot."

"Did you not teach us that we should respect knowledge and our books?"


"Do you think that keeping books in the same place where you go to do poopoo, is respectful?" Tegh queried.

That caught me off guard. I thought for a moment how to justify my actions, but in the face of such a simple yet powerful truth, I grudgingly agreed. Indeed it was disrespectful.

I went into all the bathrooms in the house and removed all the books.

It is amazing, the power of the truth. We are often so oblivious to the obvious. Children and the innocent can see things with fresh perspectives that we adults, 'experts' and 'professionals' seem to have lost.

I thought about the question, 'Why is it that men spend so much time in the bathroom?'

It seems to be a practical getaway where we can withdraw to find solitude. The need to get away from everyone else and have quiet moments without the likelyhood of being disturbed.

There are physiological and psychological explanations for this phenomenon.

As per Dr. Harminder Paul Singh Ahluwalia when we poop 2 major nerves act up the Vagus nerve and the pudendal nerve. 

The Vagus nerve can lower a person's blood pressure and heart rate, which relaxes us.

The Pudendal nerve is the nerve that is active during orgasms, thus during bowel movement, it gets stimulated and relaxes us. The relaxed mind can focus better on the assimilation and processing of thoughts.

Brisk walks, a cold shower and sitting on the pot, all have similar effects of providing excellent places for thinking and decision-making.

We all need to be alone for some time during the day. We need not have a reason for this desire to be alone. It is important to take time off to think nothing nor to do anything, in fact 'to just be'.

Males enter into this 'think nothing, do nothing' mode, more often than females. Women find this as with other behavioural characteristics of males. strange and unfathomable. Inexplicable it may be but that is the reality.

This time alone or what some call 'me-time' is essential to refresh and recharge us.

But one thing is for sure, I am not going to keep books in the bathroom.


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