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Power of accepting blame

Updated: May 7

Blame, nobody likes to accept blame.

Whenever things go wrong, we point a finger at someone else. In our minds, the problem or the situation has been brought about by someone else or some other entity's deeds or misdeeds, and we are usually blameless.

But, look at the positive side of accepting blame. If we blame others we assume that the cause of the problem or situation has originated with others and therefore the solution must also come from them. As a consequence of this approach, we end up with, no role to play. This renders us unable or ineffective in resolving the situation. This means that we have lost control of the situation and the narrative.

If we accept blame, we create the opportunity to shape what happens next.

Accepting blame is a humiliating experience and that is why accepting blame is so awkward and difficult. We need not accept blame publicly. We can accept blame privately and individually.

To acknowledge our mistakes and to accept blame is to accept responsibility and for change. This is one of the essential requirements of good leadership.

Paradoxically when we accept blame, we suddenly become powerful. We acquire the possibility to effect changes.


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