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All things fact and fictional - The Globalists Hymn Book

"All things fact and fictional the mighty media made them all.

They give us 'facts' to see them and lips so that we might tell,

How great is Media all mighty that manufactures all 'facts' well."

Perception is erroneously considered as fact and perception is a creation of the mind.

Influence thoughts and one can influence minds and the history of the world.

Embellish the past, and chart the course of the future.

Globalists are like an army of spiders manning and controlling a gigantic web consisting of politicians, bureaucrats, main stream media owners and managers, social media platforms, technology companies, international bankers, Military-Industrial complex, Pharma companies and educational universities, etc. all acting in concert. They have almost taken over.

Take for example in America all major media organisations are controlled by just 6 corporations. All of them Globalists. And these major corporations and three more international players have high stakes in the individual media organisations in every 'free' country in the world. They decide what is the 'truth', what are 'facts' and what shall be our opinion.

All international organisations, channels like WHO, United Nations, International Olympic Committee, IMF, World Bank, etc etc. are in the vice like clutches and control of the Globalists. The term used for this control mechanism is called 'The rules based world order'.

Who and what are the Globalists that are pushing for this toxic superpower that transcends national borders, economies, societies, civilisations and cultures to produce one mass of faceless, nameless, powerless humanity that have to be enslaved by some means or the other and then to exist only to serve these Globalists?

The answer to this question will be the subject of another article which should follow this one shortly.

However until then, it is advisable to revalidate one's knowledge to determine if they are someone else's prejudices and opinions that we have simply adopted mistakenly thinking them to be facts. Look for the truth and to then use that knowledge to do what is right and appropriate.


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