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Applause is a cause of worry

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Applause usually indicates a crowd and a crowd does not think. A crowd however does act and that to collectively.

Well if the crowd is not thinking, then, what is making them act?

Emotion, action is always triggered by emotions and not thoughts.

Thoughts can and do stimulate the emotions.

Don't look for what the crowd is thinking, we will not find anything there. But if we identify what it is that the crowd is feeling then we know what they will do.

If filled with hate and fear the crowd will act with violence and destruction.

In this case the human character falls below the normal.

If filled with love and compassion, they will embrace others, even strangers, and happily share with them, whatever they may have.

In this case the human character rises above the normal.

Not thinking is not always bad. It can also be therapeutic and helpful.

Spontaneous applause such as that generated by wonderful music or theatre performance, or for that anything that touches the soul is genuine and from the heart.

This kind of applause takes a crowd far beyond thinking, and in an elevated way, in a positive spirit. It enriches us and connects us more intimately with our world.

Its always a good idea to check which kind of crowd we are travelling in and what it is that is keeping us within the crowd.


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