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Are we aware, where we are headed with meditation?

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

We are energy beings, with our energy being manifested in physical, mental and spiritual forms within us. Be it material or immaterial, we are always and only energy. We are at our best when these three energy forms are synchronised within us.

Unfortunately due to a variety of reasons we are rarely in synch with the various components of ourselves and our existence. This is why good health and well being eludes us.

The origin of the word 'health' means 'to be whole', that is to be complete. Incidentally it also gives rise to the word 'holy'.

The ancients in many societies who lived off the land, tended to be more connected to our natural existence. They knew about these energies and tried both to understand and manage these energies. With rise of modernity religion, ideology and 'science' we have lost much of that connection with nature. Fortunately Indian mystics have had over thousands of years not only developed a great understanding but also institutionalised this knowledge and wisdom.

Unfortunately much of this knowledge and these institutions have been deliberately destroyed by so called 'modern forces'.

An estimated 93% of all this wisdom captured and enshrined within various scrolls, and manuscripts are in Sanskrit. They have never even been read or understood by modern man and sadly ignored by Indians themselves. Most of this knowledge has been stored, archived and mostly forgotten about.

Fortunately all is not lost. Even thousands of years later, 'Ayurveda' the science of well being has survived in India. The aim of Ayurveda is to unify mind, body and consciousness Amongst Ayurveda's vast resource wealth there are two important and central aspects, 'Yoga' and 'Meditation', which thrive even today.

Meditation is a powerful practice, and like all powerful things it can either be a great benefit or pose a danger. Therefore it is essential to understand and respect it. Meditation is now increasingly indulged in by various people and without understanding there can be some unintended consequences.

I am witness to many friends and family members who have plunged into meditation practice with gusto. Some of them have progressed well and evolved into even more beautiful beings. Unfortunately in some earnest practitioners there is a visible decline in well being, with some of them even breaking down emotionally, and physically.

Now this decline may appear strange, even ridiculous. Many conceal their real situation, having begun their meditative practice with much fanfare, cannot conceive of leave alone accept that it is their meditative practice that has brought them to this situation.

I identified a small group of associates who spent much time in meditation and queried about their well being. About half of them were experiencing lesser well being than before they began their extensive meditative practice. Many complained of anxiety, depression, body ache, etc..

The meditation teachers and guides refused to accept that the meditative practice may be the cause of their discomfort and medical doctors could only prescribe increasing doses of sedatives and anti anxiety medication. They remained fine as long as they are consuming these addictive sedatives.

I am no expert, but I knew my associates well and I sought with the help of some practitioners of meditation and psychiatrist to assist them if I could. A few associates agreed to follow my advice and I asked them to stop their meditative practice for a few days and also reduce their medication a few days later. Lo and behold! most of them felt better and in a few days were completely free from anxiety, with no need to reach out for anti anxiety medication.

Then I asked them to once again take up yoga and physical exercises and a simpler diet. The improvement was remarkable and in several months most of them were living healthier and bouncier lives.

What is the analysis behind this simple and yet successful approach?

I shall cover this in the subsequent article.


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