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Carrying Coronavirus fear much too far

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

A policeman stopped and fined a motorist for driving his car without wearing a mask, even though the glasses of the automobile were rolled up and there were no other passengers in the car.

This is typical behaviour of people who implement guidelines without understanding the intent or application of mind. Actually, that is not entirely true, they are indeed thinking, but about the wrong things. Rather than focussing on doing a good job, of assisting, they are thinking more about how to dominate and control others.

Those who have volunteered or been paid to be appointed into any position of responsibility tends to attract people who want to exert control and dominance over others.

Wearing a mask is an excellent idea when one comes in contact with other people outside their immediate family circle.

The best prevention for nose, throat or lung infection is to breathe fresh air. Most masks permit adequate oxygen to reach the lungs but there is tendency for masks to pick up dust and pathogens. So disposable ones must not be reused, and reusable ones must be washed and cleaned regularly.

An associate informed me that there are three of them at home, and stay confined to their bedrooms, emerging only when essential. They wear masks all the time, even within the house.

I put up this image because I imagined that the terrified ones must be wearing masks even to bed. Now that is typical of most people who carry their fear so far that they have turned paranoid and I suppose it is their individual privilege.

Caution is good but paranoia is not. The question is, 'Can paranoid people be permitted to make life impossible for others?'


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