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Clash not of Civilisations, but Globalism versus Nationalism.

Updated: May 24, 2022

Sometimes the phrase 'Clash of civilisations' comes to mind when describing the conflict in Ukraine, but in reality it is a clash of Globalism versus Nationalism.

Globalism is a one size fits all, thinking, and action initiated by global elites that use the power of their nations and institutions with help of the media to dominate and control the world as much as they can for their personal benefit.

Communities, societies, civilisations and nations are all being sought to be brought under the yoke of this totalitarian regime called 'Globalism'. The Globalists are the ones who have taken over most countries starting with Europe and America and now marching on to take control of the whole world.

Ukraine is but a flash point in an ongoing world war, with the conquered, converted, corrupted and neutered countries and people of American led West and allies/vassals on one side against the yet to be conquered by Globalists on the other side led by Russia and supported by her allies and sympathisers.

Globalists are ideologists, they are therefore irrational bullies pretending to be sophisticated and humane. Globalists portray themselves as those who are making the world a better place while doing the exact opposite. The American led West, and their vassals/dependents such as Japan, Australia, Canada, Representing US$ 40 trillion or approx. 50% of the global GDP of US$ 85 trillion with a population of 800 million people or about 11% of the world's population. On the opposing side are the denied/exploited/unlucky people of almost everyone else representing about 90% of the world's population who are quietly supporting Russia's stand.

Not everything we are told is true, in fact most of it is fiction. The globalist elites and leaders steal the money and take the glory, whist people everywhere pay and suffer.

The Globalists engineered the confrontation in the Ukraine and Russia took up the bait/challenge. This war in Ukraine has pitted the Globalists against Russia one of the two great bastions obstructing the Globalist's journey towards total global control.

When the shooting begins all plans begin to fall apart. What is happening now?

Russian leaders are responding well if one observes the military, financial, political, and social dynamics within Russia and the larger world.

On the other hand American and European leaders and media driven by ideology and intense Russophobia are responding emotionally and irrationally to the challenges, as a result they reveal themselves not as leaders but rather misleaders.

At the time of writing this article,

Russia has taken over nearly all of The Donbas, the most prosperous part of Ukraine, effectively blockaded the Ukrainian ports. Destroyed or disabled most of the military capabilities of Ukraine and proceeding to take over the south of Ukraine.

The Globalists in the West have reacted by hatching and deploying 4 plans which I shall term as plans 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'X' of which only one is succeeding very well. I shall cover them in the next four blog posts, over next 4 day


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