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Coming collapse of NATO

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

In a damaged world, at the end of World War II, only two great powers remained standing, capitalist America and communist Soviet Union. Naturally they were rivals, and both sought to undermine the other in the pursuit of the goal of becoming and remaining the sole superpower.

The Americans came up with a proposal to the war devastated countries, that chose to follow America. The USA would support countries to rebuild their nations, provide massive financing, technology, manpower and material resources. Totally open up the American market to these countries to freely sell their goods and services in America. The only condition was America would write and control their security policy and in turn America would guarantee their security. To implement this plan three security organisations were set up SEATO, CENTO and NATO.

SEATO (The SouthEast Asia Treaty Organisation) formed as an anti Communist organisation in 1954. Its members were Australia, France, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, the UK, and the USA. It was wound up in 1977 after the humiliating withdrawal of America from Vietnam.

CENTO (Central Treaty Organisation), formed as an anti Soviet organisation in 1955 as the Middle East Organisation with Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom as its members.

In 1959 the pro West government in Baghdad was overthrown and America joined the alliance and the name was changed to CENTO. Following the fall of the Shah in 1979, Iran withdrew, and CENTO was dissolved.

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is the most prominent child of that policy. Founded in 1949 soon after World War II, NATO's 30 members include the most significant 28 out of 44 European countries, Canada and the USA.

NATO under clause 5 of its charter was mutual assistance and its role was proclaimed primarily as self defence.

But when the Soviet Union disintegrated and the Eastern European countries left the Communist block, NATO had lost its core purpose. Legally and technically it had no role and should have been would up.

America was in a quandary. Such a powerful organisation could not be allowed to die and so it morphed in a manner of speaking from a defence organisation into what could be termed as the 'North Atlantic Treaty for Offence'. the thunderbolt for the Globalist elites to acquire and sustain global dominance. 'Do as we tell you or we will finish you off'.

In some quarters to which I also ascribe, is that a small but exceedingly powerful group of Globalists within the West have got ahead of themselves. They have pushed America to stage long running direct offensive wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, etc. and in nearly every case lost and NATO had to withdraw with their tails between their legs or left the attacked country a dysfunctional wreck.

American and European populations are highly allergic to see their citizens being brought back in body bags fighting overseas for some unclear objectives or for countries which most Westerners cannot even find on a map.

Hence Globalists have increasingly resorted to fighting proxy wars, corrupting and financing leadership in vassal countries to fight NATO's wars. They are lavishly supported by Western arms and finances along with a blanket of sanctions. All this under the guise for fighting terrorism, WMDs or some other obscure reason but always on the basis of lies manufactured and distributed by politicians, the military, think tanks and the media in the collective West.

In reality it is but the sophisticated continuation of colonialism, aimed at seizing or taking control of assets, resources and gain strategic access to resources.

The biggest bet that the West has now taken after failing in Belarus, Georgia, Kazakstan, is Ukraine. The West has placed all its economic, political and military bets on Ukraine. As per the current trajectory of the conflict, it is only a matter of time that Ukraine will lose after running out of soldiers, equipment and funds and then have to sue for peace with the Russians.

It would not be only Ukraine's loss but that of the entire collective West and America at its very core taking most of the blame.

If, the experience of SEATO and CENTO are anything to go by the rationale of NATO's unjustifiable existence will stand exposed. NATO will in all probability cease to exist.

Trump takes aim at NATO

There is another set of factors that will replay and likely force NATO's demise.

When Trump took office as American President in 2017, he asked the some important questions.

  • "Why is America falling behind?

  • Why did America need to spend US$ 800 billion per year on defence/offence, when that money could be better invested in making America great again?

  • Why do we intervene in so many places only to bleed America itself and lose respect and credibility?

  • Why are European NATO members not contributing their share of 2% of GDP?

  • Why do we need NATO?"

As obnoxious as Trump appeared, he asked many of the right questions. His thinking frightened everyone in the American Deep State and the establishment who were comfortably feeding off the trough of corruption, conflict and war.

That is why he was sought to be removed from the Presidency after he won the race. America and Trump were defeated from within by vested interests and thus could not implement even a fraction of what he wanted to achieve, which is to drain the swamp of bad bureaucrats, politicians both Republicans and Democrats.

But with the way the current American government is performing and the dismal performance of President Biden and Kamala Harris in the first two years it is quite likely that there is going to be a swing to the right and see Trump returning as President in 2024.

If Trump returns it is quite certain that on the basis of merits, the USA will leave NATO.

Without America an already demilitarised, demoralised and dysfunctional NATO, impotent against a real power, struggling to fund itself will have to wind up.

Even with NATO around the collective West is having a tumultuous time. We cannot even imagine how frightening it will be for an economically and socially savaged Europe to exist without NATO, neighbouring a resurgent, confident and powerful Russia.


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