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Death of our Heroes

Updated: May 4

The life of each individual is structured in a series of concentric circles radiating outwards in relative importance to each relationship.

At the very centre is ourselves, then our parents and siblings. Then in the next circle our family, friends and then associates. Finally the community, country and the world.

Our life's journey begins at birth, with innocence and ignorance. We love unconditionally, trust and believe everyone. Everything and everyone appears marvellous and perfect.

Then we begin to meet and interact with relatives other individuals, care providers, schoolmates, collegemates, teachers, etc. discovering along the way that the world is not so pretty and less wonderful than we knew it.

Then we begin our careers, meeting all sorts of people and professionals, colleagues, vendors, lawyers, doctors, soldiers, policemen, judges, etc. and inevitably government officials.

We have grown up to believe, honour, be kind to, respect and love everyone, only to discover that the world is in reality quite cruel and can be an ugly place. Most of the people you had once considered heroes can be villainous at times and some of them even worse.

Parents, relatives, siblings, lovers, spouses, friends, colleagues, priests, leaders, the cop, the soldier, etc. etc.

Almost no one fits the image we had created for them in our minds and hearts.

Some of us accept reality quicker than most and some cling to their fantasies much longer but the heroes must fall. After all, they are human.

In our eyes, hearts and minds, only a few survive the test.

It is easier to delude oneself if one is religious, politically or ideologically minded. Ideologists do not have to think much or question what they will merely believe. They embrace these heroes and seek to become like them.

As my brother Parvinder once remarked, "It is depressing. Life it seems, is nothing more than the death of our heroes, one by one"

It takes a forgiving heart and a philosophical mind to not be overwhelmed by the ugliness and disappointments of our world and yet love life. To witness and experience the fall of our heroes from the pedestal that we placed them on.

To love life is, to see and accept reality with little judgement on the character of others.

To ignore those that are not acceptable to our way of living.

To confront with courage those who impose on us.

To acquire the wisdom to know that in life we and our heroes are not perfect.


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2 comentarios

It is with time, life experiences and maturity that one learns not to judge and be accepting of all individuals as they are...easier saidb than done...but is worth trying to achieve some degree of success. The other way is to not place anyone on a pedestal or consider a hero but as human beings....after all - to err is human !!

Me gusta

Good write ups and effort.

Me gusta
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