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Do not want to curse God

Image by Markus Spiske

In 2002, due to unavoidable circumstances I left India, seeking to start life afresh in Dubai. It was tough going for me, Dubai is like an alluring gorgeous and clever woman with a stone for a heart.

Even in crisis I retained my 'happy-go, genuine' type of nature. This makes it easy to make friends and develop relationships. I was soon busy, pursuing several projects.

My bank manager Kannan and I soon became friends. I sought Kannan's advice on many things and he was more than ready to lend me his ear and offer advice and suggestions whenever he could spare the time.

Once Kannan introduced me to another client of the bank, believing that there were good business opportunities between both of us, his clients.

As things turned out the opportunity existed and we did do some business together. The volume of business was not much, but it was reasonably profitable for the time and money involved.

I felt happy and grateful to Kannan, and I wanted to show him my appreciation.

After much thought I decided the best thing was to give him cash. So I put some cash (10% of the profit) in an envelope and I went to the bank.

Kannan and I chatted for some time over tea in his cabin. After I had finished my cup of tea, I placed the envelope in front of him.

Kannan raised his eyebrow and without touching the package asked me "What is this?"

I said, 'Thanks to your introduction I made some money and I wanted to share a little something with you."

He picked up the packet peeked into the contents and pushed it back to me; " I am sorry I can't take it. I only did my duty to assist my customers. I have grown fond of you, I wanted this to be an act of friendship. Do not spoil it by giving me anything, especially money."

Kannan said,

"Let me share something with you. Every day I pray.

"God, do not deprive me and give me so little that I curse you. I also beg you not to give me so much that I forget you."

He said that God seemed to hear and answer his prayers. He wished for nothing more.

Back and forth we pushed the envelope with the money. Finally he relented and put the envelope in his drawer.

A few days later I went to the bank for some work. As usual I went to meet Kannan. We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me, "Have you checked your bank statement?"

"No" I replied.

Kannan said, "You insisted on giving me the money and I was unable to convince you, so I took the money you gave me and I deposited the money back into your account."

"Please do not do anything silly and come around with another packet, now or ever. My joy comes from doing good for you"

I felt blessed to meet so noble and wonderful man.

He was soon thereafter transferred to another branch rather far away and we lost touch. I tried to contact him for a long time, but learnt that he had taken up a job somewhere else. I long for that day, when I will meet him again.

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