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Education without awakening is toxic

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

What we call education, in most institutions is actually only training. Training, does not require awakening. Even a wild beast can be trained. After training, one just learns to perform as programmed. A mind trained is easy to drive. It exists to please the trainer, be it right or wrong, moral or immoral. Programming, can make one believe in absurdities, and those who believe in absurdities can commit great atrocities and crimes against not only humans but all of creation. We humans amongst all known creatures have the gift of consciousness and imagination. We can review the past and imagine the future and the consequences of our thoughts and actions. Merely a trained mind cannot comprehend the consequences of neither the past or of the future. An awakened mind can simultaneously both lead and be led. An awakened mind flourishes to always do what is right, respectful and beneficial to everyone and everything. Only when we awaken the consciousness and morals can we truly say the individual is educated. Maybe we should re-examine what and how we educate?


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