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European Spring - Regime change coming in Europe.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Beginning in Dec 2010, anti-government protests rocked Tunisia. By early 2011 they had spread into what became known as the Arab Spring a wave of protests, uprisings, and unrest that spread across Arabic-speaking countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Pro-democratic protests, which spread rapidly due to social media, ended up toppling the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

On the surface the protests were triggered by food shortages. Widely perceived as grass-root movements by unhappy populations against their nationalistic governments to usher in democracy and better their lives.

In reality they were regime changes engineered from the outside to bring in pliable leadership submissive to the globalists in the American led West. This was nothing new in our world and has been an ongoing project since decades.

Now a decade later, as always one can witness from these engineered regime changes that the globalists have been getting richer and fatter while the situation for the populations have only worsened.

Cut to present day Europe. We are now seeing the stirrings of a European Spring

On the surface Europe has had a GDP seems stable over the past 3 decades. However in reality the standard of living, both social, and economic of the average European has been steadily declining, in spite of the Europeans propensity to print money from thin air to maintain their lifestyles.

While the politicians, bureaucrats, and business interests aligned with the globalists have been getting richer and even more powerful, the puzzled and unhappy populations have been struggling to cope.

A complacent Europe with poor leadership was a perfect storm in the making. The 27 countries of the European Union have long been overdue for radical change. Well the Ukraine conflict and the response of the EU leadership has opened the floodgates to the storm.

By aligning themselves with the Globalists, European leaders have broken the compact, the trust that democracy promises. The care, welfare, protection and prosperity of the people and the nation have been severely compromised and only promises to get worse.

Analysis and studies by experts, economists, etc. predict stagflation (inflation in a stagnant or declining economy) for the foreseeable future, with much higher food and energy costs if available at all.

Inflation, shortages and other problems caused by lockdowns, excessive stimulus funding, sanctions, the Economic war of attrition with Russia is certain to trigger regime changes across Europe.

At the time of writing, the Estonian government has collapsed due to a 22% rise in inflation, for want of a better choice British PM, Boris Johnson has barely survived a no confidence motion moved by his own political party, and many European governments like the German coalition led by Olaf Scholz, are showing signs of fracture.

The problems are caused by the policies rather than the people, but the leaders will be blamed. In the short term the Europeans will change their leaders, blaming them for the mess, then when nothing improves the people will turn on their politicians, then as the situation worsens the entire edifice of the government is likely to be threatened. Europe if it desires to maintain its preeminence in the world order will have to make radical policy and system changes not cosmetic regime changes, of which there are no visible signs as yet.

It is always dangerous to offer predictions, but I would accept that dare. Here is what the writing on the wall indicates.

  • Europe will undergo serious economic contraction and sharp fall in living standards.

  • As a consequence, there will be widespread chaos, the pitchforks will emerge as mobs of a furious populations will rampage through the towns and cities venting their fury on individuals and institutions. Particularly vulnerable will be recent immigrant populations.

  • The European Union will disintegrate

  • NATO will collapse.

  • One by one individual European countries breaking with EU and America will abandon their fantasy project of breaking up Russia using Ukraine. A demoralised and weakened Europe will come to terms with the Russians and make peace with them.

  • Europe will break free of the American orbit and be compelled to choose independent socio-economic, political and military policies and strategy.

  • The European globalist agenda will be relegated to history of an audacious but failed global power grab.

  • After probably a decade of chaos a new somewhat poorer, but better, Europe will be born, which will be more accepting and respectful of the changing realities of a new multipolar global world order. A world where every country has a respectful place on the table.

As painful as it may seem, every night will finally witness a new dawn.


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