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Explaining birds and bees to Western children nowadays.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A friend from America wrote and in a humorous manner complained about parenting challenges they were facing.

It seems that the only way we humans can handle the truth is if it is delivered with wit. Otherwise the public will attack the bearer of the truth. He said,

"It's tough for American parents nowadays. We have to be able to explain the birds and the bees…. The bees and the bees… The birds and the birds…. The birds that used to be bees…. The bees that used to be birds…. The birds that look like bees… Plus bees that look like birds but still got a stinger."

Most people believe that democracy is the best political system.

History of past 2,500 years reveals that while at first democracy provides freedom, over time, all democratic societies degenerate, grow decadent and become corrupt eventually collapsing. They are inevitably replaced by some form of totalitarian system, usually a dictatorship.

There are different forms of democracies with varying number of rights and responsibilities for all citizens. But they are all conferred by some individuals upon other individuals, and hence vulnerable to be taken away at any time.

What is now widely practiced all over the world now is 'Western style, liberal democracy'. These democracies are nothing more than popularity contests, where people choose only those leaders who will pamper them the most. Parents know best the destructive effect of pampering.

In a democracy where the government and leadership caters only to rights of citizens without expectations of commensurate responsibilities and duties of citizens, will quickly and certainly collapse.

Even a fool and certainly a crook can become popular by simply reaching into the pockets of others or borrow recklessly and irresponsibly to bribe the people to buy their votes and win the popularity contest. This is exactly what is happening in all democracies.

The world is following in the footsteps of Western democracies also known as mature democracies. Here leaders in an attempt to get every vote possible play identity politics.

So instead of uniting the people behind great purpose and meaningful living. They keep on dividing the population into smaller and smaller segments and subsegments. The politicians promise to accept more and more demands even the absurd from each segment and then to appease them pass laws forcing the majority to accept these unjust, unequal, illogical, unnatural and morally repulsive laws catering to each segment.

The government in power may indulge in the fantasies and quirks etc. of most groups particularly the noisy and aggressive ones and land up catering to the demands of each sub group. But the general population are not obliged to. Not the majority, not other societies, communities that hold differing belief and value systems.

Sexual deviancy and homosexuality exists in all living species. Yet in many societies particularly Christian and Muslim societies homosexuality is a sin and punishable by death. A movement started in the predominantly Christian West to prevent the persecution of Lesbians and Gays (homosexuals) in their societies by the majority and granting them protection and a legal right to openly practice their preferred sexual orientation.

At first the move was lauded, now protection and privileges have been extended further to include bisexuals, transexuals, queers and ever other form of sexual deviation and now in an ever expanding list known as LGBTQ+. This is destroying the fabric of society.

The great Chinese master Lao Tzu taught rulers, "A wise ruler keeps the minds of his people empty and their bellies full." This is the danger from affluence, for the people move to focus on the trivial, and the constant pursuit of entertainment and pleasures forgetting to work sincerely, maintain strong social and familial bonds, and contribute to a prosperous and harmonious world.

One cannot but wonder that a society so dominated by, and fixated on gender and sexuality issues has got to be a decadent society. Such a society is inherently weak and ripe for implosion and certain collapse.

Sexual deviancy is observed in all species of animals and plants, in creation. In civilisations like India, usually deviancy is considered as natural and hence tolerated, even accepted. Deviants may be sometimes mocked but rarely persecuted.

Take for example, 'transexuals' and 'transvestites', in India they have participated openly, actively and respectfully in Indian society for millennia. They hold public office and operate their own businesses. This is the evolution of a civilisation and not an imposition of 'minority groups', by governments upon the majority.

No two individuals are identical. Each one of us is unique, worthy of existing with dignity as long as they do not trouble or harm others. But do we have to worship the LGBTQ+ community or place them on pedestals? We can merely consider them as exceptions, but not special nor privileged. When they form part of the main stream they become relatively harmless people while retaining a high capacity to enrich and contribute both to themselves and to society.

The people of democratic societies in the West, can make their choices as they like and it is their prerogative. However the obsession with gender and sexuality glorified under the banner of freedom, by the West is very unhealthy, retrograde and toxic.

I ask, 'do other countries and societies with their own but differing history, unique culture and value systems, have to foolishly and blindly copy the West or have them imposed by the West on other countries and societies?'

Definitely not.


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