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Foreigners never ruled India

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Foreigners never ruled India.

Foreigners be they Persian, Turkic, Afghan or European have relied heavily on Indians themselves to fight for and administer over the majority of Indians. These Indians not only ruled over they participated actively in the plunder and pillaging of India whilst simultaneously working to ravage India's education, economy, culture and civilisation.

Invading foreigners were as compared to native Indian forces relatively always very weak in force and numbers, yet they prevailed and plundered.

For example at the height of British occupation of an undivided India in 1947 (population of 400 million) Britain had only 1600 British officers in the Indian Civil Service and a mere 40,000 British soldiers to govern. This was made possible by the significant number of Indian soldiers and administrators, who served regimes irrespective of who sat on the throne.

India was soldiered by, policed by, administered by, taxed by and exploited by Indians themselves on behalf of foreigners enriching and empowering both foreigners and themselves.

Earlier the exploitation by this powerful lobby of Indians was blatantly open and chauvinistic. Though their grip has weakened these anti India forces are even today still entrenched within the Indian system. The exploitation and attempted destruction of India is sinister in its intent and sophisticated in its approach. This minority but highly toxic group has infiltrated deeply into India's judiciary, politics, academia, intellectual class, business and commerce, science, industry, bureaucracy, media, entertainment, civil society, NGOs and religious institutions.

It appears, historians have not been able to adequately explain some important questions.

  • Why did this minority of Indians so eagerly serve the foreigners remains an enigma?

  • Was it only for the material benefits power and wealth?

  • Why abandon the service of Indian rulers and communities to serve foreigners with such commitment?

  • Why did the majority Indian population submit so easily and why were those who resisted not actively supported by the majority?

It is high time we stopped blaming others and accept responsibility for our own weaknesses and blunders.

Distasteful as it may often be, it is essential for all people everywhere to revisit and learn from our past, so that we may improve. Studying history written by conquerors about their conquests will never reveal the truth. Indians need to study their own history analysed from the Indian perspective.

Introspect what it means to be really free in mind and spirit for freedom is not just the ability to vote once in 5 years, nor a mere slogan.

What is my hope for India?

India a pre-eminent benign world. Prosperous, strong, resilient, wise, powerful and fearless feared by evil forces and whose friends adore and respect her.

I send greetings to you all for this Indian Independence Day.

Jay Hind


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