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If you thought that Nazis were finished off after World War II, think again.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

The history of Europe is a history of relentless brutal, bloody and destructive series of conflicts. One of the most alluring target of conquest by big nations was Russia and her surrounding areas, such as Ukraine.

Each power used a logic mostly perverted by their beliefs and ideologies to try and dominate, Russia. Every aggressive power needs an ideology to justify its behaviour and carry out its designs with the support of their population, financiers, glory and power seekers.

Napoleon was not the first and Hitler was not the last to covet the incredible riches of Russia. Like them, now the deep state of the countries in the Western world and America simply want to plunder Russia.

Not all the driving quests for conquest of Russia was economic. There are also religious, political and ideological forces at play.

The Catholic Church has always wanted the Orthodox Russian Church to be disbanded if not destroyed. They played their part in the support of powers that would transform if even by questionable means Russia and her people to come into the fold of the Roman Catholic Church.

Hitler used an obscure ideology without any scientific basis of Aryan racial superiority to give a sense of superiority to a German population impoverished, demoralised, and degraded by the crippling burden of repatriations to the winners of the first world war. As a result Hitler got an astounding amount of support from the German people for his totalitarian socialist philosophy of Nazism.

Every totalitarian regime needs enemies, the bigger, the wealthier and more powerful the enemy the greater its appeal to the followers of the ideology.

In almost every European country Jews were forbidden from owning land, and many other assets. As a result Jews concentrated on knowledge, skills, finance and trading to survive and thrive. As a result over many centuries, with great industriousness, cunning and political power the Jews became the wealthiest, most powerful people in all of Europe. As a consequence the Jews a minority in every country became the target of the envious public which were in the majority everywhere.

Thus the Nazis began in Germany and Europe, the holocaust, widespread state sponsored, plunder and slaughter of the Jewish people, a major wealth creating and owning class in Europe. This genocide received wide support in nations predominantly Roman Catholic, because the Church preached that the Jews were the killers of Jesus Christ.

Even before Hitler's launch of Operation Barbarossa to invade the Soviet Union, the Nazis thus had many sympathisers and supporters in Ukraine, mainly in its West. Soon after the invasion these dormant Nazi's within Ukraine became highly active and gained control of Ukraine and became part of the Nazi's final solution to eliminate the world of Jews. In a genocide a million Ukrainian Jews were killed by Ukrainian Nazis and another 3 million civilians including Romani, Slav people and a large number of communists.

While the Nazi's of Germany were tried and sentenced at Nuremberg soon after the end of the war, strangely enough the American government and the West not only decided not to put on trial the Ukrainian Nazis, they worked actively to shelter and protect them, even providing key members and their leaders false identities to live in the West.

Declassified documents revealed that they were being nurtured to cause trouble and weaken the Soviet Union from within.

Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion of the Ukrainian Army

However all that changed when Ukraine broke away from Soviet Union when America and Western Europe began to clandestinely at first and then aggressively and openly nurture these Neo Nazi groups. These toxic and virulent people now head and control the Ukrainian army, the secret service known as Sluzhba bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU), the political space and even the Ukrainian Presidential bodyguard. In short the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine have become a cancer consuming Ukraine itself.

It is these Nazi forces that America has weaponised by providing NATO armaments and provide advanced training. They also protected them from scrutiny and help to set up under American financing, training and direction at least 28 bio-labs to develop biological weapons, which is not only immoral but also internationally illegal.

When Russia demands that Ukraine De-Nazify, this is what they mean. The elimination of these people, forces and ideology from Ukrainian society to protect not only Russia but also Ukraine itself. When Russia succeeds in this, it would have done a great service to humanity.

Do not take my word for what I say. If interested please do your own homework and discover the truth for yourself. I have provided some links at the end of this article from where you can begin to discover the truth for yourself.


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