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Knowledge is a Barrier

Updated: May 25

In 1934, the entomologist Antoine Magnan after a long study of Bumble bees, concluded that the body shape, the size of the wings, the frequency of the flapping of the wings, and as per the vast knowledge of Aerodynamics and Physics known to man the bumble bee should not be able to fly.

This is a classic case. Knowledge is a barrier. It tells us what we cannot do or achieve.

Fortunately, Magnan forgot to impart this knowledge to the bees, so, they kept flying.

All creatures seek to dominate their species. We humans are no different, but we have many other options. We dominate using several ways, beauty, strength, status, etc. Probably, the most impactful is knowledge. The downside is knowledge makes us arrogant, and blinds us.

Where does his arrogance come from?

The knowing man is nothing but a mind, which is nothing but a collection of thoughts and perceptions.

Where do these thoughts come from?

There are two sources, externally generated and internally generated.

External sources are given thoughts, by a process of inception or implantation. These include thoughts given to us by parents, teachers, priests, and leaders. Thoughts come to us from books, mass and social media etc. our friends and associates.

Amassing data and perceptions, education provides us the arrogant feeling of, 'knowing it all'. But all that is external to us is of relatively little value to us, because we have no ownership of this knowledge. It is borrowed knowledge.

Internal sources are thoughts that come from within our being. Thoughts provided by the loud silence of creation. By observing our world and nature, by introspection and meditation. Accepting borrowed knowledge after reflection and contemplation also becomes internal source knowledge.

Our knowledge is limited and our ignorance infinite. Our knowledge bounds us, our ignorance coupled with our imagination produces wonders.


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