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Let the Boss go first

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Three men a boss and his two juniors landed up marooned on an island.

One day while walking on the beach they came upon an attractive looking bottle. Curiosity getting the better of them they uncorked the bottle and to their amazement a Genie emerged from within.

The Genie said he had been trapped within the bottle for hundreds of years and was delighted to grant each of the men a wish.

The first chap said he was homesick and wished to return home to his family. Whoosh, the man was transported back to his home.

The second man who was single wished to be perpetually holidaying in Spain. Whoosh his wish too was granted.

The grumpy workaholic boss when asked what he wished for, complained and said that so much he wanted to get done on the island. What would he do without his two juniors. So his wish from the Genie was to get his two juniors back to the island.


For choosing an approach and arriving at a decision it is important to know which way the wind will most likely blow. Therefore bosses should always be encouraged to go first.

The boss who decides last, because of overriding authority, can easily overturn or override earlier decisions. Thus the boss can easily reverse or upset whatever has been decided and executed by subordinates.

Let the Boss go first.


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