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Love blinds us to faults and hatred blinds us to virtues.

We humans like to think of ourselves as intelligent and rational creatures.

In reality, we are basically emotional and therefore often irrational.

If we recall all the important choices we have made, we will discover that all choices we have ever made, they were first made on the basis of emotion and then justified with logic, facts and figures. Simply put, we always make decisions on the basis of emotions and then look for 'facts' to justify our choice or validate our decisions.

Emotions originate from our social conditioning and embedded deep into that instinctive part of our primal brain which facilitates our survival. Fight or flight, surviving or mating all choices are made in that part of the brain that is driven by instinct.

These instincts drive us to believe that people who are of a particular gender, follow a certain ideology, religion, belong to a certain nationality, community, practice a certain profession, who possess particular physical features or skin colour, originate from a particular geographical region, are either good or bad.

We are almost totally unaware of the biases, and preferences that exist within each one of us. We love some people and things and hate some others, and we consciously know not why.

Successful and charismatic people and leaders, marketeers, even conmen, are able to sense and understand these biases. They are able to manipulate and channelise our emotions towards these choices.

It requires extraordinary beings who are consciously able to step back from their own minds to transcend one's emotional bias. This is a quality that is acquired by practices of looking within and in silence such as contemplation and meditation.

For the rest who merely exist without introspection, and awareness driven by our emotional biases, we often reach conclusions before we get to them intellectually and consciously.


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