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Love is an insanity ..

Updated: May 3, 2019

About Guru Wonder:

Most people fail to realise that Love is a matter of the heart and not a matter of the mind.

Intellectuals, who are in the majority try to use their minds to dissect and analyse love.

Naturally, they remain unsuccessful and scornful of love and lovers. They think them insane.


  • Sometimes people mistake the flutter in their heart and often in the groin as love. They pursue that flutter and when satiated, discover it wasn't love at all, but lust.

  • Sometimes people seek glitter and glamour which shines so brightly in the evening and night that they think its love only to get a reality check in the brightness of daylight.

  • Sometimes people think that its love when the object of their desire has a beautiful body or face, only to discover that the person does not necessarily have a beautiful heart or mind.

  • Sometimes people fall in love believing that money will make them happy only to discover comforts without respect and friendship is the furtherest thing from love.

Love in marriage and relationship work well when the two magic ingredients are there, respect, and friendship. If these be the foundation of love, then this insanity called 'love' is incurable even with marriage.


Image: Arvind Kolapkar

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