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Management by Processes. A key to Success

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The so called 'secrets of success' are no secrets at all. They are actually keys consisting of attitudes, skills, knowledge and discipline.

One of the keys to success in any and every field is managing processes.

What is a process?

A process could be defined as a series of actions directed to some end.

We may not realise it but everything we humans do is a process. In fact, every human initiated activity whether by design or default is a process.

Life becomes easy when we have stable processes and habits. For example if I keep my car keys in a designated place at home, and check the fuel level before I leave home is part of a process of getting to work.

Insignificant as it may seem, ask someone who had to hunt frantically for their 'mis-placed' keys when leaving home or running low on fuel just as they are rushing out for work or some important assignment.

On an average 65% of our usable time is wasted, because of having to cope with improper planning, communication or simply lack of focus and attention on processes. Can you imagine the enormous amount of time and resources we save when we have good processes.

This is why it is important to have well planned and executed processes enabling is to manage routine things in a routine manner, meaning almost effortlessly and smoothly.

Is it fair to us and others that we remain busy fools, repeating and coping with the same problems and mistakes again and again, day after day? Not all motion is forward, and most often it is like running fast but at one place, very active but making no progress or delivering almost no output whatsoever.

As ridiculous as this description may seem, most of us are caught in this trap, expending much energy and wasting our individual and organisational lives unproductively.

One can and will certainly ask, 'Won't that make life boring?'

Yes monotony can and will make life dull and that is why we humans instinctively tend to seek improvement continuously. Generally improvement constitutes making life easier, less hassles, earning more income and wealth and to have more leisure time and company for oneself, friends and loved ones.

It is a fundamental fact that what is not stable cannot be improved. All significant and sustainable improvements and progress can take birth only in a system with stable processes and environments. The only exception being radical or total revolution.

It is tragic that most organisations and businesses in spite of great people, with excellent technology and products, and good customers and vendors fail to realise their potential simply because of lack of or having poorly thought out processes.

This is what has given birth to what is commonly known as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for effective management of processes.

All living things change constantly and so must processes to cope with changing situation and demands. That is why we see the problem with government and large organisations, the bureaucracies follow processes unsuitable and outdated, ensuring that the organisation and government are mostly dysfunctional and always inefficient and ineffective.

Processes are not and should not be cast in stone. This is why great and successful organisations are nimble in constantly modifying and improving their processes, to adapt to changing needs. Not by default but by deliberate intent and design. This appeals to our natural human creativity instinct and can be materially, intellectually and emotionally rewarding.

'Design, deploy, stabilise, then go on continuously improving and stabilising processes', this is the mantra that all great and world class individuals and organisations follow.

Government, social, business, or even religious organisations, can only succeed if they do understand and manage their processes.

Management by processes is not easy but it is neither difficult either to understand, learn and implement. I am happy to share my knowledge, experience and learning with others.

May the process be with you


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