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Naughty is good

One crucial factor that usually differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people is their energy levels.

Low energy is a trait usually common among unsuccessful people. Such people may possess a lot of information they achieve little, because they do not translate ideas and thoughts into action.

Conversely successful people, tend to possess high energy. They may know less but they often achieve a lot. They try, and do things with intensity. If they fail, they try again, and then again until they finally succeed.

Some children, students, employees, associates, partners, etc. cause us a lot of trouble because they are naughty or simply difficult. This is so because their high energies have discovered limited or no useful application. Society rarely sees them as assets often considering them liabilities and trouble makers, isolating, ignoring or even punishing them.

High energy individuals tend to cause disturbances within established systems and norms. What if we look at them differently not merely as beings but as energy beings, and ask ourselves, 'are they liabilities or merely misdirected or underutilised assets?

What if we were able to redirect their intelligence, and energy to some useful purposes?'

Simply thinking and brooding produces little or nothing, unless we direct thoughts be it our own or that of others to purpose, always leads to action and outcomes.

So people over who I had influence, like myself, my wife, our own children, and employees I would give them projects to undertake and things to do which challenges them. Choosing some material or intellectual improvement experiment or project whilst providing them guidance and support.

Lo and behold! the outcomes often produced pleasant surprises for themselves and within me. All this whilst providing themselves with invaluable learning and a good understanding about their own strengths, capabilities and limitations, eventually producing winners.


Extract from my upcoming book, 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness'

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