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No system yields its power voluntarily, unless ...

This is a follow up on my article, Why Founders Flounder

Transition within the family business

The leadership usually in the hands of a patriarch is supported by a management team, which exercises great power within an organisation.

Due to their proximity they exert great influence over the patriarch.

Whenever change is necessary demanding greater accountability and transparency, these very people the former assets become the greatest liability. 

We have to remember that,

No system yields its power voluntarily, unless compelled to by circumstances or by wise leadership.

In any established rigid system, people demonstrating any initiative are seen as a threat and suspected enemies of the existing order. This leads to a 'us versus them' view, pitting founders and a handful of 'loyalists' against everyone else, thus politicising the organisation and likely to tear it apart.


Family owned and managed businesses offer society the best combination of economic and social progress. 78% of businesses in the world are family owned and managed.

Guru Wonder conducts a two day seminar on 'Managing for growth in the family owned & Managed Business. The seminar focusses on assisting participants to identify and leverage their strengths and to successfully cope with and overcome challenges unique to family businesses.

Duration: Two day program

Contact :

Telephone:  +91 957 951 0353


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