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Not saying something

Effective Communication and Conversation is not only about speaking and getting through. It also involves winning people to our point of view.

This makes it necessary not to say everything we want to but to leave unsaid what could cause offence, and alienate people. Somethings should also be left unsaid because it may distract us from our goals and objectives.

A diplomat is someone who remembers a lady's name and her preferences but not her age


From my book and Seminar on 'Effective Communication & Conversation'

We are all trying to sell something. An idea, a product, an emotion, an instruction. Whatever it may be, it involves communication and conversation.

To facilitate development of these vital skills, Guru Wonder conducts a one and two day program on 'Effective Communication & Conversation' for leaders.

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Telephone:  +91 957 951 0353

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