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Raise your thoughts and words not your voice

Updated: May 20

Greatness does not come from externalities like power, beauty, wealth and position, at best they can provide temporary fame. Greatness emerges out of character. People with character raise their thoughts and words.

Whether they are parents, teachers, professionals, doctors, lawyers, judges, industrialists businessmen, soldiers, politicians, etc. all eventually realise that credibility and respect emerge not from props, but from our thoughts, words and deeds.

To get an interesting perspective look at the elections.

By the end of this year, 40 democracies will have gone through their national elections. And we all know that election time is a silly season, where politicians say and claim some absurd things.

They assign success, greatness and nobility to themselves whilst assigning incompetence, failure and a lack of character to their opponents.

Politics is war, only more vicious as politicians seek to destroy the reputation of opponents whilst dividing the people.

'Poli-tainment', the marriage between politics and entertainment, mostly draws attention to the sizzle rather than the content.

Amid the mass of politicians we will come across the rare animal, 'The Statesman'.

It is easy to identify Statesmen. They raise their thoughts and words and not their voice. They know, it is the sun and rain that grow the flowers, not thunder and lightning.


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