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Raising Questions - Teaching Answers

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Once, after just having conducted an examination of the students of senior physics class, Albert Einstein was walking on the campus in Princeton with his assistant.

His assistant asked "Dr. Einstein, is not the same set of questions that you asked the same class to the previous batch last year?"

Einstein replied 'That's correct."

Assistant, "But, how could you do that?"

Einstein responded, "The questions are the same, but the answers have changed."

The challenges of life always remain fundamentally the same.

However science, technology and human knowledge have changed. Therefore the wisdom and the skills required to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow too must change.

Those economies, religions, societies, cultures, families and individuals that do not seek more relevant answers may not survive, leave alone succeed.

The question is always more important than the answers. A curious mind may find the right path, a mind that just parrots the same answers probably never.

Teaching, is not about possessing bodies nor controlling minds. Its about inspiring and awakening the mind and spirit. Only then can teaching facilitate the attainment of the great potential that each one of us inherently possesses.


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