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Release the Genie and get a massive problem

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

We have all heard or read the story about the genie in the bottle, who is released when we uncork the bottle.

Then the Genie grants us 3 wishes, which this powerful creature fulfils, and all ends well.

No it does not end because the story does not tell us what happens next.

We ordinary mortals do not have the power to force the Genie back into the bottle or just remain dormant. So what happens?

The Genie is a powerful creature and does pretty much whatever it wants and nothing and no one can stop it. So it is with inspiring, awakening and motivating people, an activity that attracts the attention and focus of parents, teachers, Gurus, leaders and bosses within organisations and even governments.

Unleashing the phenomenal power of the human spirit within individuals and groups is a double edged sword. With purpose and direction it can be phenomenal, but without external application of that energy it will per force be directed inwards causing great havoc and even self destruction.

One has to be careful about awakening and deploying the powerful Genie that lies dormant within each one of us, lest we in our inability to harness this energy are ourselves consumed by it.


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