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Russia will win both the war and the peace in Ukraine

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

If one listens to global media which feeds on Western media, one gets the impression that Russia is losing the war in Ukraine. However nothing could be further from the truth.

Russia values its long and deep relations with the people of Ukraine. Russia therefore does not see Ukraine nor the Ukrainian people as enemies, they do see the Ukrainian leadership as corrupted by America and Europe to serve as a vassal state and to act as a springboard for the break up and destruction of Russia.

The Russian forces are not attacking but tip toeing into Ukraine, because they want to take the country as intact as possible. As a result one does not see those expected images of widespread destruction of a country by massive aerial bombings that the Americans employ time and again.

Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, the American led West follows Winston Churchill's model of total devastation of a region, by air, sea and land, before the ground forces enter their target zone.

Inspite of overpowering military superiority and glib media presentations Americans may have won some battles but rarely has won any wars. America has often had to withdraw in disgrace, sometimes even flee. This is because they also fail to win the peace, meaning the goodwill and respect of the people for whom they have supposedly declared war. Is it any wonder that Americans are disliked even intensely hated by almost every country they have intervened in after World War II?

So the Russians have left the mostly agricultural Western part of Ukraine alone, while focussing first on the highly industrialised Eastern part of Ukraine, capturing small cities and towns, and have now completely encircled the 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers including the infamous US sanctioned Neo-Nazi forces of the Azov battalion.

These 100,000 troops represent the core operational part of the Ukrainian army and it is only a matter of time before they will fall.

As regards Kiev the Russians send out probing patrols, and draw out Ukrainian soldiers. The Russian forces then quickly withdraw systematically mapping location of defences, equipment etc. This approach to urban warfare is designed to cause minimum of collateral damage as possible and to minimise civilian casualties. All this being done using tier II Russian forces and older equipment.

The Russian authorities have every intent of winning over the Ukrainian armed forces intact, to prevent the kind of chaos the Americans unleashed after the destruction and disbanding Iraqi soldiers and officers. This is why Russia is taking greater casualties of soldiers and equipment than they would have otherwise in an American style warfare.

The Zelensky government on the other hand and quite likely on the instructions and guidance of the Americans want maximum collateral damage and as many civilians as possible killed, for the purpose of optics and to trigger an international outpouring of indignation to pass strictures against Russia and Putin's leadership.

The Ukrainian government have placed heavy defence equipment and rockets right in the middle of densely populated areas. They have released all the hardened criminals in Ukrainian prisons and arming them with the hope they will attack Russian soldiers. They have also handed out AK47 Kalashnikov guns to tens of thousands of untrained civilians. This has directly led to increase in street crimes, looting and internecine warfare within the criminal gangs who have bought out most of these guns.

At the time of writing this article, people like Gonzalo Lira reporting right from the centre of Kiev say that the Russians have ensured that citizens continue to have electricity, clean running water, sewage and waste management and no disruption to communications such as mobile and telephone services and internet access.

We see images of hordes of men fleeing Ukrainian cities, believing them to be fleeing from the Russians is not true, they are fleeing the Zelensky led Ukrainian regime, who are forcibly conscripting all Ukrainian males between the ages of 18 and 60 years. This is a sure sign of a losing army and a regime whose days are numbered.

War is never good for common people, but the reigns of power and control are never in the hands of the common people inspite of our chest thumping claims of being democracies.

If war is inevitable, the Russian method of waging war seems to be as humane as is possible in the history of modern warfare. Only time will tell.


Well one will ask 'then what about all the images, videos etc the media is showing?'

Here are some facts for you to think about.

  1. That supposedly Russian tank that ran over a civilian car in Kiev was a tank mounted Ukrainian Strela-10 missile system, not Russian.

  2. Photos of Zelensky in military garb with a helmet on are from a 2021 Ukrainian border inspection trip.

  3. The “Ghost of Kyiv” MiG-19 shooting down a Russian Su-35 was from a Digital Combat Simulator animation.

  4. The “Ghost of Kyiv” identified as Samuyil Hyde is actually a pic of Sam Hyde, an internet prankster.

  5. Photo of two children (girl in pink with teddy bear, boy saluting) watching convoy pass, are from 2016.

  6. The photos of a woman saying goodbye to her man, going off to fight Putin’s Russians is from a movie.

  7. Snake Island “martyrs” actually were not killed, and a video shows all 82 being transported to Sevastopol.

  8. “Her Blood Is On His Hands” old lady photos that were on the front pages of The Sun, The Mirror, and The Guardian are actually images from years ago.


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1 Comment

Aurobindo Banerjee
Aurobindo Banerjee
Apr 10, 2022

I entirely agree. Because, Putin has taken a manly view, whereas the others are playing games and counting the Eucranian chickens, figuratively said.

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