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Self destructive big lies

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Whether we like it or not every few decades Human stupidity and forces of nature work to change our political, economical, social, etc. landscape dramatically and forever.

We are currently living in one such fascinating and yet frightening time. The rise of a new world order at the expense of the old powers namely Europe and America and the so called self promulgated 'rules based world order'.

They say power corrupts, actually power cannot corrupt good people, power attracts corrupt people. They then use that power to propagate their misery and corruption. Unfortunately most of European and American leaders fall in the category of corrupt leaders spawning a corrupt system that instead of serving to provide checks and balances, is itself actively promoting corruption and protecting the corrupt. None, including law enforcement, audit, investigation, legislature, administrators, academics, etc. not even the media have escaped being afflicted by this dangerous disease.

Sure countries like India and many other countries also have their extraordinary share of suffering from the curse of corruption. But their impact on the whole world is minor and marginal as compared to the good or the bad that the collective West can impact.

American leaders realised long ago that their humiliating defeat in the Vietnam war (1954 - 75) was more due to politics than military factors. The fuel being the uncensored information, images and commentary provided by an independent media straight to the American population, who withdrew support to their government for seemingly illogical and unjust wars.

So they have co-opted and controlled the media all platforms and outlets (mass media and social media) completely so that the media subordinates their views to that of the their respective American and European governments.

When we see or hear anything in the media we believe it to be true. Key news agencies provide the same story to all the publishers staffed increasingly by lazy reporters and journalist skilled in the art of 'spinning and manufacturing facts' parrot the same line.

Obama who described it 'the echo chamber' says when we hear the same echoed story from multiple sources it is deemed credible, and then the people are completely fooled.

This is why in the past 30 years America with the support of her allies and the power of EU and NATO has been able to effect 251 offensive military interventions across the world, spending an estimated US$ 6 trillion of American tax payer money. (This is about US$ 17,000 for every American citizen). All this with hardly a murmur from the American population, or media, or international bodies like the United Nations, G20, etc. This is the power of the media and inclusive corruption of all stakeholders except the victims.

But information is not reality and sooner or later something has to give in or break. The conflict with Russia over Ukraine, with China over Taiwan, with OPEC+ over energy appears to me and over which I have often stated to be that inflection point, making European and American politicians, bureaucrats, media, financiers, etc. and the globalists fabulously richer and more powerful, while impoverishing their populations to third world status.

History never repeats itself but it certainly rhymes, let me share some brief history with you.

In May of 1902 the dormant volcano Mount Pelée, in St. Pierre on the French occupied Carribean territory of Martinique became active.

The situation was very scary, and most of the people wanted to leave to find refuge elsewhere. But the politically popular Governor of Martinique, Louis Mouttet, with his eyes on the forthcoming elections did not want to lose a single voter. So he did his best to convince the citizens that all was good and there was nothing to fear.

As the volcano rumbled and grew angrier, poisonous snakes descended into the town biting and killing many people. Fissures caused by earthquakes began to swallow up people and property. Then flowing lava began to cause fires destroying several homes, businesses, factories and claiming lives.

Yet Governor Mouttet kept on lying about the danger, downplaying the situation, even arranging excursions to the summit to see the 'fireworks'.

Mouttet hastily set up a commission of inquiry to look into the danger and even more hastily pronounced that "The safety of St. Pierre is absolutely assured". He used his control of the local media to mislead and lure the population into a false sense of security.

At dawn on May 8th, Mt. Pelée erupted, obliterating the entire population of 30,000 save 3 individuals.

St. Pierre the cultural capitol of Martinique was so badly devastated that even a century later, only a very small fraction of the town has been possible to be rebuilt.

Now I look at the leaders of the West, led by Joe Biden of America, and others like Olaf Scholz of Germany, Macron of France, Ursula von der Leyen of the EU, observing with shock at the unfolding destruction of an old world order.

The destruction of the West may have been initiated by external factors, but completely fueled and propelled by the fatal hubris of the collective West, leading to its inevitable and self inflicted suicide. Yet the citizens of the Collective West like the population of St. Pierre did in 1902 thoughtlessly believing the media and blindly following their leaders to their own doom.

Not surprisingly, the majority of countries across the world refuse to believe or support the Collective West and tacitly support Russia. They are eagerly awaiting the emergence of a new world order which promises the hope of a fairer, and better world and humanity, free from colonial exploitation and persecution.

Only time will tell, but the writing on the wall is clear. If the collective West follows its current trajectory, Europe and Europeans will be ruined and America will never regain her hegemony.


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Laxman Kanduri
Laxman Kanduri
Oct 31, 2022

A very candid and perceptive observation of the current world situation from a common sense perspective...


Parmindar Aulakh
Parmindar Aulakh
Oct 31, 2022

Very well written. Thoughtful.

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