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Supporting Ukraine to loot it.

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

It is said "The business of America is Business". Almost everything about this young country is about wealth and power.

Many Americans are in business but the ones that really matter are the monstrosities, these super powerful wealthy Corporations and their financiers.

America by shifting from Industrial capitalism to Financial Capitalism is now leading the global charge on 'making money from money' which is the art of producing wealth on paper without producing any products nor providing any services.

These entities that matter who hold great power and wealth are intertwined with elements in the government, legislature, military, media, technology companies, business and finance. They who control everything that matters without emerging in front are called the 'Deep State' and their public face are the 'Globalists'.

Business people are very efficient and achieve results and realise their objectives most efficiently as possible.

The war in Ukraine is the latest example.

What we see as aid being provided to Ukraine is not aid at all.

Most of the weapons, munitions and equipment supplied to Ukraine to fight Russia are old, obsolete stuff slated for destruction. The cost of disposal would be very significant. So junk has been converted into wealth by shipping it off to Ukraine, while the West appear to smell of roses and adorning a halo.

Though termed as 'Aid' it is not free. Ukraine will have to return the money under an arrangement termed as 'Lend-Lease'.

Lend Lease concept was used by America in the Second World War, where the weapons, goods and munitions were sold on soft financing terms to Allied partners. America took control of the gold assets of Britain and broke the power of the Pound Sterling and effectively dismantled the British empire. This paved the way for America to rise to Global dominance.

Similarly Ukraine under the leadership of its president Volodymyr Zelensky has sold all its farm land, mineral resources, oil and gas resources etc. to American business interests.

These include George Soros entities, BlackRock and other similar private American financial groups. They have undertaken to pay the amounts due under Ukraine's Lend Lease commitments in exchange for rights over anything and everything of value in Ukraine.

There are just two problems that they have to iron out. How to legally justify this theft? How to get Russia to accept this loot which these American business interests have stolen fair and square?

There has been numerous visits by these private American businesses to Ukraine in the past month and by Neocons like Secretary of State Antony Blinken to ensure the success of these arrangements.

Now that the acquisition has been more or less completed an informal peace proposal has been sent to Russia. America will let Russia keep the Donbas and Crimea and recognise them as Russian provided Russia accept the sale of all of Ukraine to private American business.

Should Russia disagree then America would escalate the conflict further by injecting more and deadlier weapons and munitions into Ukraine and support incursions into Russia itself. They also threaten further economic and other sanctions by the collective West and thus bleed Russia till death.

Russia is unlikely to play ball and the war of attrition will continue. Things are going to get a lot worse before they will get better.

In my opinion the collective West led by America will in all probability lose and Russia will not only survive but thrive.

The Neocons will like they did after their leading America into foreign policy and military debacles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. will just shrug their shoulders dust their hands and lead America upon the next targets China and Iran.

Where does all this leave the Ukrainian people?

Before the conflict Ukraine had a population of about 35 million people. 4 million are now part of the Russian Federation and about 10 million have left Ukraine for Europe. About a million including combatants will have died or injured by the end of the conflict.

What will Ukrainians do after losing their youth, and those amongst its best educated and productive people who have emigrated never intending to return?

Without manpower Ukraine will not be able to survive.

Ukraine because of its leadership becoming American pawns is already doomed as an independent country.

Poland wanting to reconstruct its imperial empire of days long gone, will most likely annex large parts of Western Ukraine formerly known as Galicia. Hungary will likely take over the Carpathian region which has a predominantly Hungarian population and both Romania and Moldova will try to seize what they can in the South West of Ukraine.

How Ukraine annexed by Russia will look after the conflict

Russia in preservation of its national security will have to take over and occupy all land East of the Dnieper river and the entire southern coast of Ukraine forging a land bridge to Odessa and on to Transnistria a Russian enclave sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine. All this will create Novorossiya or New Russia by the time the conflict ends.

These deadly games of world powers led by ruthless men are beyond the imagination of ordinary people, so we cannot even begin to comprehend the gravity and the deadly impact of their actions hidden behind noble sounding words and proclamations.


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