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The Blue Pigeon (Humour)

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Boris Johnson the new British Prime Minister was very worried about a plague of pigeons in the City Centre of London.

He could not remove the pigeons from the city. All of London was full of pigeon poop, the people of London could not walk on the pavements, or drive on the roads.

It was costing a fortune to keep the streets and pavements clean.

One day a man came to 10 Downing Street and offered the PM a proposition.

"I can rid your beautiful city of its plague of pigeons without any cost to the city. But, you must promise not to ask me any questions. Or, you can pay me one million pounds to ask one question."

The PM considered the offer briefly and accepted the free proposition. The next day the man climbed to the top of the Nelson's Column, opened his coat, and released a blue pigeon. The blue pigeon circled in the air and flew up into the bright blue London sky.

All the pigeons in London saw the blue pigeon and gathered up in the air behind the bird. The London pigeons followed the blue pigeon as she flew eastwards out of the city.

The next day the blue pigeon returned completely alone to the man on top of Nelson's Column.

Boris Johnson was very impressed. He felt the man and the blue pigeon had performed a wonderful miraculous service to rid London of the plague of pigeons. Even though the man with the pigeon had charged nothing, the PM presented him with a cheque for 1 million pounds and told the man that, indeed, he did have a question to ask and even though they had agreed to no fee and the man had rid the city of pigeons, he decided to pay the 1 million just to get to ask one question.

The man accepted the money and told the PM to ask a question.

The Prime Minister asked, "Do you have a blue Pakistani?"



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