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The calm after the storm.

Gardening requires continuous effort and attention, but it is physically and emotionally rewarding, for those who throw themselves into it.

Spending time alone with nature, the real gift however is the intellectual stimulus and spiritual connection it often provides.

After a storm wrecks havoc to my garden, there is only one thing to do, be grateful for who and what has survived, cleanup, replant and rebuild. During and after each storm or encounter, I learn something more about nature and man.

Throughout history whenever man has crossed the threshold of survival all that we are obsessed with is, conquest. Either man is seeking to conquer nature, or man is trying to conquer man. This is how we fill the days of our lives.

We foolishly believe in the reasonableness of humans and that bounties and gifts of nature will never be disrupted, because it is our right.

Generally whenever we flow with nature, and cooperate with others we are rewarded, whenever we disrespect or seek to dominate nature or others we cause ourselves and others great pain.

Nature however, cares not for the human ego, she does what she wishes. She showers bounties and she destroys at will.

Everything in existence is cyclical, day follows night, winter eventually follows summer, good follows bad and production follows destruction. Nothing lasts forever only Creation seems to do so.

Hit occasionally by nature and constantly by the reckless stupidity and ego of man, like the pandemic and global lockdown we are repeatedly reminded that, there is the need for only one real conquest, Man's conquest over himself.



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