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The convert is always more fanatical ...

A convert is one who has left his or her earlier religion, society, system, family, organisation or school of thought, in favour or another. Conversion may be voluntary or forced but it represents the abandonment of the traditional to something radically different.

Converts usually having burnt their bridges behind them find it difficult to retreat to the old tradition. They have to fit in with the new, and therefore constantly and desperately strive to prove that they deserve to belong in the adopted religion, society, system, family, organisation or school of thought, no matter how irrational, dysfunctional, unsuitable, stupid or insane it may be. Sometimes the desperate convert goes to such extremes almost rabid in their efforts to either bring in new converts from their former associates or to help destroy them.

That is why the convert is always more extreme and fanatical than the original.

Nowhere else is this more glaringly evident than in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh which all have at their root the Indian civilisation.

While India has retained its inherent feminine nature, which explains its openness and ability to digest new ideas and beliefs and systems. That is why India is always a work in progress.

However Pakistan has on basis of religion blindly transformed itself into a hyper masculine society, which lacks civilisational depth and hence the ability to absorb or transform. Hyper masculine societies are inevitably closed societies knowing nothing more than extreme aggression.

Another important reason why converts are more fanatical than the original is that they have to also convince themselves and their family and associates that they have done the right and beneficial thing. Though the door to return is usually open, a convert's ego coupled with the grip of the new religion/system on the individual do not make the retreat easily possible.

Even after conversion for many generations converts feel highly insecure and that is why they work so hard to find a secure position in their new religion/system by being more enthusiastic even fanatical, so as to prove their loyalty and commitment.

There are States and there are Civilisations, and both have societies of people. Civilisations compared to mere States are evolved societies wherein people have a deep understanding and richness in their customs, manner, arts, culture, science, literature, legal, trade and commerce and most of all human values.

Civilisations are created over many centuries and sometimes millennia and are very resilient and can weather al sorts of shocks and stress as is India.

However as events in Pakistan have demonstrated that it is just a State with little or no civilisational depth (having abandoned it in favour of a culture foreign and alien to its people).

This explains the irrational, absurd, and self destructive nature of fanatical behaviour of the convert existing in a society devoid of the balancing influence of civilisation.

Civilisations are evolved societies not constructed nor imported/implanted societies which evolve and establish suitable time tested stable and robust social, cultural, religious and governmental institutions. Unfortunately mixed and matched states, truncated states, artificial states full of converts, unless they retain their civilisational values tend to collapse rapidly.


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Ref: G0731

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