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The fastest form of communication is,

Numerous studies have revealed what has always been known, that generally women communicate a lot more than men. That is why in the teaching profession females outnumber male teachers manifold times.

In fact chatter, gossip, sharing of information and all sorts of communication especially between women it seems is a compulsive need. Typically men seek to accumulate wealth, power and status, directly and openly, whereas women generally tend to seek influence indirectly. That is why women are always communicating with one another.

Unless specifically informed, most of us men are clueless about many social happenings and undercurrents. I get most of my information about what is happening within society from my wife and the women in my circle of family and friends.

Irrespective whether they are rich or poor, inevitably women form social groups which permits them to interact with other women and peers of about the same social standing, usually for nothing more than to just talk.

This may have some disadvantages but it also has a powerful advantage of using women as a communication medium to reach and influence entire families and children. If the women are convinced about something we can be sure they will ensure its introduction and implementation.

When one informs or educates a man, he alone gets informed or educated. On the other hand, if one informs or educates a woman, generally the entire family gets informed and educated.

The difference between progressive societies who emerge as winners and regressive or static societies who land up as losers, In civilisational and social terms, is directly linked to the status and education of females.

Education is not to be confused with formal schooling or college degrees. It means providing people the means to learn and to know they can use that learning to change their lives.

Unfortunately when education takes place simultaneously alongside the massive and rapid replacement of long held traditions by foreign and alien values, society breaks down and chaos becomes the norm. The social fabric and the shock can be too great and the very same communication and education becomes the cause of breakdown of society. An excellent example is the 1979 Iranian Islamic revolution.

A civilisation can only thrive if both its men and women realise their highest potential. This occurs when its leaders and elders, create an environment that facilitates constant learning, acquisition of skills and the possibility to deploy that learning across society. For people to possess the courage to grasp the new and the sense to retain the useful traditions which make individuals and groups free, healthy and productive and feel secure and respected.


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