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The Paradox of Human Resources Management

Paradox of Human Resource Management

Large organisations and even medium size ones have a Human Resources department HR. The way modern management has emerged, employees are rarely considered people, but an interchangeable resource. X being replaced by Y on a whim and as needed.

If owners and managements distance themselves emotionally from their employees, the employees only deliver the least amount of effort needed to retain their employment while constantly hunting for alternates.

Managements unsuccessfully resolve this issue by throwing more money and perks, but this does not fill the void created by a dehumanised work culture and environment.

Sometimes a good dose of fear is also injected but that also drives the workforce only for a while.

Eventually both employers and employees travel on a downward spiral, where there are only losers. The secret for success and even survival is to do less badly then the competition as far as the development, care, and productivity of employees.

Human resource function should be termed as people facilitation function or some other name and tasked with bringing out the best out of their people so as to be rewarding financially for both employers and employees and also emotionally for the people working for the organisation.


Excerpts from my current seminars and upcoming book ~ 'Getting the best out of your people'


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