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Think clearly, live fully.

Updated: Jul 5

People who have been brainwashed to hate and have only disdain for others become blind to reality. This false sense of superiority renders such people incapable of thinking clearly.

About 2,500 years ago Lao Tzu the great Chinese philosopher and teacher advised his students:

"Look at the spring, the brooks, the streams, the tributaries, the rivers and the ocean.

By remaining in its lofty position the spring remains small. As it descends it merges with other springs to become a brook."

"Brooks merge to form streams which become tributaries that flow into rivers. Each becomes bigger as it descends."

"The mighty ocean positions itself at the lowest level of all and thus forces all the other bodies of water to empty all they can carry into itself."

It is often said, that 'pride comes before the fall.'

Success, power, strength, beauty, wealth and status are externalities of our being and mistakenly make us proud. The truly great person knows all attributes are mere props to his or her ego. They may possess various qualities but do not depend on them.

Lao Tzu further says;

"Clear thinking leads to the realisation of the Self, making one humble like the mighty ocean to finally achieve Nirvana.

A confused mind is a place of death

Clear Thinkers do not die.

The confused ones never live."


Acknowledgement: My thanks to my friend Bahram Shahmardan for the seeds of this article

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