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To discover the secrets of the universe - Nikola Tesla

Scientists keep on breaking down matter to the smallest possible discrete level while sages look to keep on unifying and harmonising the whole. It takes a great soul to do both and Nikola Tesla was one such being.

Croatian born Nikola Tesla one of the greatest scientific minds ever.

Tesla's thinking and capabilities were so far ahead of the times that he was ridiculed by the newspapers and scientists of the day, simply because they were unable to comprehend what Tesla was proposing.

Tesla's achievements and contribution to scientific and technology development is mind boggling, and only now being appreciated. Many technologies and everyday products and services that we currently use are the result of his creative genius.

When he died in 1943 the FBI classified all his papers in 1943 and soon thereafter all notes related to his work disappeared. All attempts to retrieve so much more of his work has revealed little. We can only imagine what other great treasures may have eluded humanity had those papers been made available to the scientific community and to the wider public.

Jan 7th was the death anniversary of Nikola Tesla, (1846 -1943), those who know of him, remember him for his brilliant mind, insane courage to pursue his ideas, and to overcome adversity. Eventually an unready society and jealous competitors succeeded in destroying him, but failed to destroy his ideas and innovations. His legacy lives on.


Something to ponder over:

Since ancient times, Avatars and Gurus have always taught us, 'The Universe, and its functioning and impact on all beings and things can be understood only in terms of energy.

Energy as scientists have confirmed what the sages have always said, 'Energy can not be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed', hence all existence is energy. This energy that pervades the entire universe is known as existence, and often called by a million names and usually as God.


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Sushil Dayama

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Sushil Dayama
Sushil Dayama

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