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'Truthification' - Why they convert a lie into a truth?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

J. Edgar Hoover headed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of America and its predecessor organisation for 48 years (1924 -1972).

In pursuit of so called, 'National Security', Hoover amassed great personal power by collecting large amounts of compromising and potentially embarrassing information on many powerful people, especially politicians. 

Hoover's influence grew beyond all reasonable limits, his control was so powerful, that American Presidents were also scared of him.

When John F Kennedy was campaigning for presidency of the United States (1962) he vowed to replace Hoover on becoming president.  

After becoming President, Kennedy never touched Hoover. On the contrary extended his term and powers as director of the FBI.

When asked why he kept Hoover on as FBI director, JFK bluntly replied.

"I would rather have Hoover inside the tent pissing outside, rather than have him outside pissing inside."

What is inside the tent?

It's called 'The Establishment'.

Figuratively speaking the establishment consists of all people of significant consequence, i.e. all the politicians, bureaucrats, officials, business people, judges, priests, media persons, and others, even criminals.

They are the people in every society who make things happen or stop them from happening. This establishment which holds effective power is always inside the tent.

The opposition and the 'want-to-be inside the tent' entities gang up, and as Kennedy said, piss into the tent and on the establishment. The challengers try their best to discredit and destroy the establishment, derail all initiatives without any consideration of merit, and seek their ouster, so that they the challengers can occupy and establish themselves inside the tent.

Those inside keeping piss out and those outside keep pissing inside the tent. This pissing match between government and opposition is called domestic politics. Vested interests in the bureaucracy, judiciary, religious organisations, business people, join and indulge in this dirty game to ensure that they and their preferred choices win and become the establishment instead. It is usually a 'no holds barred' fight because they believe that the ends justify the means.

In any group, organisation or society the support of the masses is usually vital.

To win the match, it is necessary to win the minds of the public and electorate, by convincing them that the existing establishment and leadership is unfit because of immorality, incompetence, corruption etc. That the opposition is the best alternative.

By lighting and stoking the flames of conflict, the media ensures that it s the greatest beneficiary of this pissing match. They are the carriers of the charges and the counter-charges. They make gold from piss.

By providing entertainment, full of drama, mystery, money, sleaze, violence, corruption etc. sprinkled with a few facts, the media becomes enormously wealthy, powerful and influential.

Until now the media was almost the sole life giving and taking agency for politicians and their supporters. Thanks to social media their monopoly is constantly reducing. All said and done, Main Stream Media, still remains very influential and powerful.

With power always comes arrogance and corruption. They Media perceive themselves as the true leaders who will shape society and destiny. They cannot remain neutral and play favourites, massaging and manipulating the truth to get outcomes as desired by them or those willing to pay for it.

The media become the shouting agents to smear (damage the reputation by false accusations or slander) entities, philosophies, cultures, religions etc. They fling as much filth as they can get away with, without crossing a line which will cause the public to react adversely.

Nancy Pelosi

How does this smear campaign work?

Ms. Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic political party and the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, a political veteran, explains how 'The Wrap up Smear' works.

First a politician or an academic or some person from an NGO or civil society will spew out allegations. 

Then one or a couple of  media sources will quote them, then a flood of allegations will be made by the media.

The politicians, will then quote the media and a falsehood becomes a perceived truth in the domestic and international public's mind.

Pinging and ponging, the allegations are bandied about endlessly and the the issue kept alive in the public's eyes and minds. 

In all the smearing and dirty tricks business the truth gets buried under an avalanche of lies. 

The main stream media has played this game too long. Now Social media allows individuals to verify and provide counter views not from a corrupted press but from other individuals.

Now politicians and groups with vested interests are either conducting their own Social media campaigns or taking the assistance of the same  mainstream media who are taking to Social media themselves (with little impact).

We have to remember there are no truths just perceptions. He who wins the battle of the mind of the people will also win their hearts, and bodies. They will walk away with enormous power, influence and of course, a lot of money.

As a result of their perceived lack of integrity, Main Stream Media is losing ground and influence not only to individuals but also to technology companies like Facebook, Twitter YouTube etc.

Contrary to what we may like to believe, no mater who provides us the news,

We the people are not the beneficiaries of news, we are the pawns and the victims.


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