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Upgrading Representative Democracy

Updated: Apr 1

In politics, there are neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies, only permanent interests. The quest for power is manifold more attractive and addictive than money, wealth and even opium.

To enter any profession, there are eligibility criteria. Probably the only exception is in the field of politics.

To even survive in politics, one needs great cunning, a thick skin, a gift of the gab and a strong ruthless nature. Ruthless to take cold calculating decisions even the most unpalatable ones. These are qualities that can only be learnt on the streets and no college or educational institution can teach someone. This is why dynasts often fail, they approach politics with a sense of entitlement rather than hard work and a feel for the real world and people.

When there is no ability to get the people and the country to perform, politicians have to resort to bribery to win the vote.

Representative democracy has become a popularity contest. The vote has to be purchased by the politician by giving some bribe to voters, which has to be recovered from the State treasury in some tangential manner. This is why the politician who demands little from the people while promising them tons of freebies is soon very popular.

Representative democracy is where every adult citizen has a vote. One citizen one vote.

Why do people have this right? Where does this right come from?

One can say it is given by the government, but what is given can also be taken back by that same government.

Anything or right given by anybody has to be earned. Just because one lives in a land does that confer a right to vote? I believe not.

Rights have to be earned, by verifiable contribution and demonstrable commitment to the State or country. A citizen who will only take from the State without contributing anything becomes a liability and a parasite upon society.

We need to have a qualification not only for politicians but also for voters.

If a nation values comfort or money more than freedom and integrity, it will soon

lose everything including their freedom.


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